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Inside Heschel High is a living, breathing space on our website that captures the life of the High School. You can always find up to date news, photo galleries and videos of day-to-day activities at Heschel High School.

The 12th Grade Israeli Knesset Simulation was recognized by Kohelet for its "Real World Learning" category. View Rabbi Natan Kapustin's submission video of various screencasts which explains how the program is faciliated. The Knesset Simulation is a combination of live role-playing and online virtual world interaction in which high school seniors immerse themselves in Israeli politics by becoming members of Knesset.
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Several High School students took part in this years American Mathematics Competition. The program leads the nation in strengthening the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem-solvers. The American Mathematics Competition is a series of examinations and curriculum materials that build problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge in middle and high school students. Winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

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After speaking with the manager of a nearby mikve in northern NJ, Science Teacher Jon Greenberg heard that for an unknown reason, one of the pools had been accumulating an unidentified brown substance. After several unsuccessful consultations with pool-water experts, etc., she asked Jon to have a look. He decided to include his senior Science and Torah class. They took the water samples into the lab and performed some tests.

Using the microscope, the class saw brown particles in the sample that had been scraped off of the mikve tiles at the water line, but it was unclear from their appearance whether they were live cells or crystals. Next, they treated them with acid, and saw that they retained their shapes but lost their color. This is typical of the colored substances in algae and plants, such as chlorophyll. Finally, the class used the microscope to examine a sample of water from the affected mikve, and saw that the brown particles floating in the water, which had not been damaged by scraping off of the tile, had a typical cellular appearance with small hairlike extensions that may be involved in adhering to each other and to solid surfaces such as the tile lining of the mikve. The class concluded that they are microscopic brown algae.

The students are preparing a report to the mikve manager.

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