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Inside Heschel High is a living, breathing space on our website that captures the life of the High School. You can always find up to date news, photo galleries and videos of day-to-day activities at Heschel High School.

Carlin Greenfield released his Inaugural Episode of "Ask an LQ Teacher", adapted from the eponymous High School Shabbaton Event. Ruth Satinover Fagen, Rabbi Dahlia Kronish, and Rabbi Benji Shiller consider God in the modern world, God as Transcendent vs. Imminent, And what it means to be close to god.

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Fauda co-creator and starring actor Lior Raz discussed his show with the Heschel High School today. The discussion was moderated by Heschel parent Dan Senor. Raz spoke about the show's popularity, his real life experiences which influenced the story, and what it was like to work with both Jewish Israelis and Israeli Arabs to film the show.

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On Sunday, May 14th the model UN team led an incredible full day conference at Heschel with over 100 students from diverse schools across the city and the tri-state area.

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In honor of Lag Ba'Omer, grades 9-11 engaged in Hesed all across New York City. Students volunteered with the following organizations:

  • Concerts in Motion at Project Ezra
  • Graham School at Echo Park
  • Broadway Community Inc Soup Kitchen
  • Harlem Grown Community Garden
  • HeadStart Amsterdam Center
  • Room to Grow
  • Manhattan Children's Center
  • Riverside Conservancy
  • Bloomingdale Family Program
  • Met Council
  • City Meals Deliveries
  • Open Door Day Car
  • Goddard Meal Deliveries

11th grader Sophie Shapiro reflected on volunteering at Open Door Day Care for the first time, "Today's Hesed was a mutual experience- we were there to give the teachers a break and play with the children, and I gained so much love from them."

One special component of the day was partnering with the Cristo Rey School. Eleven Heschel students and nine Cristo Rey students who participate in the Interfaith Club volunteered together at HeadStart Amsterdam Center and Goddard Meal Deliveries. Following the volunteering, they explored texts about Hesed from the viewpoints of different religions.

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