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Inside Heschel High

Inside Heschel High is a living, breathing space on our website that captures the life of the High School. You can always find up to date news, photo galleries and videos of day-to-day activities at Heschel High School.

Heschel's Inaugural Science Olympiad Team competed this past weekend. Madison Verschleiser and Josh Polanieki placed 2nd for Dynamic Planet and Jonathan Berkowitz and Evan Glick placed 2nd for Fermi Questions.

The tower built by Nathan Maleh, Noah Lindenbaum, Leah Namdar-Cohen, Zeke Kaplan, and Jojo Hedaya was able to withstand all of the weight applied to it .

The electric vehicle designed by Sam Forman, Carlin Greenfield, Michael Lippe and Jacob Fraiman, was working very well and reliably up until the two runs during the competition, when we had a run of bad luck, but the car was an amazing feat of engineering and they deserve a lot of credit.

Many thanks to Stephen Lewis and Naomi Bergman for all their hard work on this team!


  • Suzy Vogel
  • Physics Teacher and Science Department Chair
  • The A. J. Heschel School
  • 20 West End Avenue
  • New York, NY 10023

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Heschel students attended this year's Moot Beit Din in Houston, TX and placed 3rd. Moot Beit Din is a professional learning community where advisors can share questions and answers about specific rabbinic cases. Participants discuss and share resources to advance the teaching of rabbinics and ethics in Jewish day schools. This year, the conference presented a case about a self-driving car that damages another car and injures the driver when it automatically swerves to avoid hitting a jaywalking pedestrian. Questions that the students considered were: how do we categorize the self-driving car halakhically, and based on that, who is responsible for paying for damages? Is it the owner of the self-driving car, even though they had no control over the car? Is it the car company, even though the car belongs to someone else? Is it maybe the pedestrian, even though the pedestrian is not directly or actively involved in the damaging act?

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