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Lower School Updates

Third graders became planet specialists by researching facts about the solar system. They created brochures, and dressed up in different planets' colors and blasted off to outer space. During their mission, specialists had the opportunity to teach their "visitors" about the planets they researched.

This was a busy and exciting week in Lower School.

All three second grade classes invited parents to a Creation Celebration, with each class doing their presentation on a different day. The children enthusiastically sang songs and showed their parents the wonderful Creation Books they worked so hard to produce. In preparation, every child chose a day from the creation story and made a drawing of what happened on that day. They then transferred their drawings onto a t-shirt. The results were quite spectacular, as were their Creation Books!

Tuesday was World Communities Day in the third grade. Students proudly showed parents and guests all they had learned about their chosen country during their research project. It was truly impressive to see how much the children learned through several weeks of hard work and to see the terrific projects they created. We begin this celebration in the Beit Knesset, where the children had a lovely Tefillah B'yachad and sang a song of peace in many languages.

On Thursday, our fifth graders had a heartwarming and joyous Moving On Ceremony. We began in the Roanna Shorofsky theater with a lively musical presentation. Following that, parents visited each classroom to see the wonderful projects the children had created; each research project was on a topic of the children's choosing. We ended the morning viewing the wonderful dinosaurs the children had worked on all year long in the art studio. It was a beautiful ending to Lower School!

Shabbat Shalom,

Dina and Rivka