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Yom Ha'atzmaut

Witness Theater

High School Presents: PIPPIN
Grade 4 Learns About Revision Process
Middle School Sends Grade 8 to Israel w/Tekes
Grade 5 Explores Hallelujah
Harmonizers Sing National Anthem @ Barclays

Purim @ Heschel

Middle School Presents: Willy Wonka
100 Days in Kindergarten
High School Arts Night

Art Classes Partner with The Jewish Museum

Siddur Ceremonies




Heschel at Heschel Week

Fifth Grade Makes Donuts
In preparation for Hanukkah, the fifth graders made sufganiyot.
First Grade Mo Willems Museum

Thanksgiving Assemblies

Early Childhood
Lower School
Inauguration of Violet the Pilot and Thanksgiving Celebration
Middle School

Lower School Election

High School Hesed Day

Middle School Sports

Nursery Shabbat

Sukkot Video

Lulav Shuk

Early Childhood Rosh Hashanah Assembly
VIDEO: Early Childhood Rosh Hashanah
Lower School Rosh Hashanah Assembly
2nd Grade and High School Gardening
5th Grade Teva Retreat
The Jewish-Arabic Youth Orchestra
Kindergarten & 7th Grade Challah Baking
High School Shabbaton
7th Grade Staycation

First Day

Early Childhood First Day Video