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Ariela Dubler
Head of School
212.784.1234 ext.2211

Linda Holof-Saposh
Assistant Head of School
212.784.1234 ext.2215

Judy Wolf-Nevid
Early Childhood Head
212.784.1234 ext.2204

Sharon Shorofsky Mack
Henry Lindenbaum Lower School Head
212.784.1234 ext.2219

Rabbi Anne Ebersman
Early Childhood/Henry Lindenbaum Lower School Judaic Studies Programming Director & Director of Hesed and Tzedek
212.784.1234 ext.2274

Rivka Soloway
Early Childhood/Henry Lindenbaum Lower School Judaic Studies Director
212.784.1234 ext.2265

Lori Skopp
Alan B. Slifka Middle School Head
212.784.1234 ext.2534

Rabbi Jack Nahmod
Alan B. Slifka Middle School Judaic Studies Director/Rabbinic Advisor 
for grades N-8

212.784.1234 ext.2540

Rabbi Noam Silverman
High School Head
212.246.7717 ext. 1627

Rabbi Dahlia Kronish
High School Director of Jewish and Student Life
212.246.7717 ext. 1119

Iris Klein
Co-Director of Admissions

Erica Marks Panush
Co-Director of Admissions

Susan Kardos
Chief Strategy and Advancement Officer
212.784.1234 ext.1255​​​​​​​

Alan Schefen
Chief Financial Officer
212-246-7717 ext.1616

Jerry Wishner
Director of Student Services/School Psychologist
212.784.1234 ext.2217

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