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Board of Trustees

Independent School trusteeship is a position of leadership, honor, and responsibility. The Board of Trustees, working very closely with the Head of School, has the ultimate responsibility for maintaining the integrity, standing, reputation, and future direction of the school. The Board of Trustees keeps its eye on the mission of the school while it manages the changes and challenges that are part of institutional life. With guidance from the Head, the Board of Trustees is responsible for setting policy. The Board of Trustees is comprised of parents, educators, and friends in the community. The members of the Board of Trustees, who serve as volunteers, support the school through their hard work, wisdom, and financial resources.

The Board of Trustees has standing committees, including the Committee on Trustees, Development, Educational and Religious Policy, Executive, Finance, High School Education, Personnel, Investment and Audit. In addition, committees can be created to respond to particular needs. Certain of the above listed committees welcome members who are not on the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees 2017-18


Steven Shapiro, President
Leslie Dezer Salmon, Vice President & Treasurer
Amy Kalmanofsky, Secretary
Jacob W. Buchdahl
Joel Citron*
Alisa R. Doctoroff*
David J. Hess
Shira Nadich Levin*
Sharon L. Schneier
Dan Senor
Geula Solomon

Ariela R. Dubler, Head of School


Virginia Bayer*
Ria Gruss
Susannah Heschel
Terry Ann Krulwich*
Rabbi Judah Nadich ז”ל
Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok**
Seth M. Siegel
Alan B. Slifka ז”ל
Ronald C. Summer ז”ל
Barry N. Winograd*

*Former President
** Founding President
◊ Honorary Trustee


Ben Archibald
Neri Bukspan
Efrat Gilman
Robert Imershein
Adina Lewittes
Trevor W. Morrison
Amy Steiner, Parents' Association Rep.
Maksim Stavinsky
Esther Safra Szajman
Mark I. Tsesarsky
Jeffrey L. Verschleiser
Tali Farhadian Weinstein

Roanna Shorofsky, Head of School Emerita

Peter A. Geffen, Founder

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