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Academic Program

High School

As educators of high school students, we recognize and appreciate the complexity of adolescence and provide a program that stimulates, challenges, and engages our adolescent students intellectually, aesthetically, emotionally, and morally. We prize the availability and accessibility of our faculty members who foster relationships with students that enrich the high school experience.

Across the disciplines, we develop critical thinking skills by identifying cognitive processes and subjecting them to intellectual standards that enrich both the classroom discourse and students’ writing. Talented faculty engages students in dynamic learning in classroom environments that are open, inquiry-based, student-centered, and hospitable to a variety of learning styles. Our academic program is sophisticated, integrated and the product of extensive faculty collaboration. Electives across disciplines afford students unique opportunities to study a topic in greater depth. The incorporation of laptops, electronic whiteboards, and other digital technology enriches the academic program in and out of the classroom


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