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Inside Heschel High

The High School welcomed Dennis Barton and James Addison to share their stories of homelessness and their perspectives on issues of justice and equity in our city and beyond. James offered a new explanation for the idea of hope. He suggested that HOPE is an acronym for Hearing Other People’s Experience. This is one of the central goals we have set for our Panim el Panim series. And indeed we pray that hearing stories, encountering people, and being moved by their stories inspires us towards action and provides us with hope.

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High School Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Inspired by the book Sacred Shelter, the student-faculty committee that planned our programming in honor and memory of Dr. King, chose the theme of Panim el Panim (face to face). The goal was to capture the urgency and fear that Jacob is feeling as he prepares to return home and see his brother from whom he’s been estranged since he escaped after stealing his birthright. Similarly, our goal was to capture that while encounters are filled with challenge and discomfort, when you commit to treating others with dignity and compassion, they are also filled with possibility. 

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