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The High School blood drive was a huge success! Thank you so much to all of our donors, including those who tried to donate but could not. We are thrilled to share that 58 people donated whole blood and 6 people donated double red cell units on the ALYX machines for a total of 70 units!

Each whole blood unit will be separated into red cells, platelets, and plasma – so the 58 units our drive brought in times 3, plus the 12 red cell units from the ALYX donations will result in a total of 186 "doses" of lifesaving medicine which will go on to touch the lives of that many patients.

Thank you to everyone's support of this effort - to the Hesed Council for spearheading the drive, to teachers for their flexibility to allow students to donate, and to all our donors. A huge thank you to the New York Blood Center for making this possible - especially the amazing blood technicians who took such fantastic care of all our donors.

We are grateful to the New York Blood Center who shipped 20 units of Type O- blood to Florida this morning to help replenish supplies after yesterday's tragedy. Type O- is the universal blood type which is needed in an emergency – before patients can be typed and cross-matched.

Mark your calendars - those who donated whole blood can donate again on April 11, 2018!

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Biology students are working with a new activity that enables them introduce genetics through inquiry learning, a major advance in biology education. The classes are examining and scoring the seedlings they've grown in their genetics experiments. This process allows the students to learn strategies that enable scientific concepts to be mastered through investigation.
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The High School was joined by three rabbis who lead large congregations in New York City, and, coincidentally, all three have a connection to The Heschel School. Rabbi Angela Buchdahl (Senior Rabbi at Central Synagogue, a Reform Congregation), Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz (Senior Rabbi at Kehilath Jeshrun, an Orthodox Congregation and Rabbi Noam's family Rabbi from Montreal), and Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove (Senior Rabbi at Park Avenue Synagogue, a Conservative Congregation) were invited to talk with the students about controversial issues of Jewish practice in modern times. In Heschel's mission statement, one of the goals of the school is described as the, "building of bridges between different sectors of the Jewish community, and between the Jewish community and other communities, as expressions of our religious imperative to unite human beings through justice, shared humanity and mutual respect." The goal of the discussion was to do just that-- build bridges between denominations of Judaism that sometimes may seem so separate and fragmented, and learn more about how the values of each can inform meaningful and valuable practice.
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