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Inside Heschel High

Seniors See August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson"

Students in the senior English elective Memory & Narrative went to see August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson" on Broadway. The class asks how stories of our past--recalled and repressed--define us and shape our worldview and uses literature as a lens to consider collective and individual memory. Wilson said that "The Piano Lesson" explores the various answers regarding the possibility of "acquir[ing] a sense of self-worth by denying one's past" so the show was perfect for the class!

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High School Students Commemorate September 11

This week, the High School commemorated the attacks of September 11, 2001 with a full school assembly planned by the Programming Council. The assembly opened with a chamber music rendition of God Bless America by 10th graders Parker, Amia, and Maia, and 12th grader Daniel. Then security expert, and Heschel parent Mitchell Silver shared his story of how his Jewish identity and values pushed him to pursue a career fighting terrorism following 9/11. He answered student questions about balancing civil liberties with security concerns, how intelligence experts create their reports, and how his work has changed over time. The program closed with a powerful prayer for the memory of those who died 21 years ago. 

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