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Inside Heschel High

Inside Heschel High is a living, breathing space on our website that captures the life of the High School. You can always find up to date news, photo galleries and videos of day-to-day activities at Heschel High School.

Heschel held its annual Lulav Shuk today. The community came to select their lulav sets, while students were treated to a wealth of knowledge about how to choose, assemble and care for their lulav, etrog, hadas and aravot.

The entire school gathered for the first ever whole school opening ceremony. In two simultaneous assemblies Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School and High School divisions welcomed the new year in moving ceremonies highlighting the power of community and the importance of citizenship in our school and in our world. In the Lower School, second graders welcomed first graders into the division by giving them favorite books to symbolize the first graders’ launch into the reading and writing process in English and Hebrew. Third, fourth and fifth graders helped the class of 2019 welcome the class of 2031. The moving opening ceremony concluded with students from all of the divisions blowing the shofar, a powerful way to mark the beginning of the new school year and Rosh Hashanah together as a whole school.

As part of an ongoing tradition, Grade 9 received their class shirts today. The freshmen will use these shirts during Color War, at the Shabbaton, and other grade wide activities.

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