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Inside Heschel High

Inside Heschel High is a living, breathing space on our website that captures the life of the High School. You can always find up to date news, photo galleries and videos of day-to-day activities at Heschel High School.


After Sukkot, the High School Greenhouse, Garden, and Aquaponics Club received an e-mail from the rabbi of a Chabbad House in South Carolina asking for advice about growing myrtle bushes. The club shared some advice and also offered to send one of the myrtle plants that they would grow to South Carolina. They are now ready to send these plants and are excited to have the chance to use their skills and interest in horticulture to help other communities.

Heschel Seniors made a trip to Albany to lobby with TeachNYS, a grassroots organization lobbying for government funding of STEM and security for nonpublic schools. The visit provided the students with a taste of the legislative, democratic process at work. They met with the office of their district's state senator and the office of an assemblyman and also heard from the state attorney general and other state senators.