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High School Library

The High School Library is a curriculum centered collection, offering a wide range of books and multi-media resources for students, faculty, staff, and often parents in support of the syllabus. The library features a strong Judaica/Hebraica collection, extensive collections in art, world and American history, holocaust studies, literature, poetry, and both classic and modern fiction. Students have access through the library to multiple online databases accessible both in-school and remotely. The library also provides a welcoming atmosphere, for relaxation, and an inviting venue for quiet study and reflection, and is open and staffed after school hours.

Gwen Kaplan, Librarian

Books circulate for two weeks with renewals as needed.
Periodicals circulate on an as needed basis. Current issues do not circulate.

Library Hours:
8:30-AM-4:45 PM
8:30 AM-End of Day