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Physical Education

Physical Education Choices and Descriptions

The Heschel High School Physical Education Program is centered on a comprehensive program of health related physical fitness designed to engage students in both the physical and educational components of P.E.  Generally, classes are taught by a minimum of two instructors, and lessons are taught alternately within the context of a diversity of sports (non-traditional and individual as well as traditional and team) and the general context of exercise and fitness.  A contextual unit may last from two to four weeks, depending on the difficulty of the specific target skills or fitness goals practical to the unit.  In addition, there is a weight room component offered within the regular program, where a student can choose to explore the principles and techniques of resistance strength training with weights and plyometric exercise techniques.   Program fitness assessments, including aerobic, strength and flexibility evaluations, are conducted formally three times per year.   

Educationally, the program aspires to both teach and inspire students to take an active interest in their own health and wellbeing, and to realize the meaning and benefits of good health habits and a physically active lifestyle.   This is achieved through the dissemination of information on general health and body systems, nutrition and basic exercise physiology.

 In addition to the regular PE program, there are several alternative P.E. options available to students that fulfill their PE requirement. We offer a dance program option which includes the opportunity to choose, help choreograph and perform during our Night of the Arts celebration in January.  Participation on school sports teams also fulfills the PE requirement while the team is in season, and next year we will offer a climbing program as a club sport for a limited number of students.   

For students who participate in club sports and/or dance and performance companies outside of Heschel, there is a PE waiver option as well.  To be eligible for a PE waiver a student must participate in a minimum of two formal practices, rehearsals or classes per week plus games or performances in an accepted program, for a total of no less than 5 hours per week.  PE waiver request are available on the school website and are granted on a case by case basis by the Athletic Department.  If a student is granted a PE waiver they will be exempt from PE for the duration of the waiver, and required to take a study hall instead.