Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.


Students who are enrolling in a day school for the first time enter the Sha'ar Program, which offers students specialized classes in both Limudei Qodesh and Hebrew. The goal of these classes is to provide students with the skills, content knowledge and comfort to fully integrate into all aspects of life at the High School—academic, co-curricular, religious, and social. The combination of small class size, highly motivated students, and a targeted and focused emphasis on developing proficiency in the area of conversational Hebrew allow students to transition from Sha'ar Hebrew Classes into the regular Hebrew Language and Literature track in twelfth grade. 9th and 10th grade Limudei Qodesh classes for Sha'ar students emphasize acquisition of the linguistic skills necessary to study Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and Talmud (Rabbinics) in the original language, allowing students to fully integrate into the core Limudei Qodesh classes by 11th grade. Both inside and outside of the classroom, faculty pays special attention to covering those areas of Jewish life and living that might be new to students enrolling for the first time in a Jewish Day School.