Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.

Student Life/Beyond the Classroom

The High School Jewish & Student Life Office works with students, faculty and administration to cultivate a sense of community and to bring the mission of the Heschel School to life in and outside the classroom. The primary responsibilities of the Jewish and Student Life team include: working with the various branches of student government, planning and executing programming that brings the Jewish calendar to the forefront, engaging students in conversations about their relationships with The State of Israel, connecting students with opportunities to do acts of Hesed in and outside the school, planning Shabbatonim, and working towards creating an environment of trust, respect, selflessness and integrity amongst students and faculty.

Holiday Programming

Before each holiday, we engage in communal learning to prepare for the holiday together. This includes workshops facilitated by High School faculty, guest speakers on themes embedded in the holiday and sessions led by Va’adat Moadim. On Sukkot, Hanukkah and Purim, we celebrate the holiday together through festive tefillah (prayer), learning and activities. Particular favorites include Hanukkah candlelighting in the atrium and the Purim shpiel.


Clubs encourage students to pursue a long-held interest or try something new as an extra-curricular activity. They provide an opportunity for meaningful learning and growth, for students to build new skills and be part of cross-grade communities. Students propose new clubs based on their interests. Current clubs include Debate, the Girl Up Club, GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance), the Israel Affairs Club, the Heschel Harmonizers (our a cappella group), the Living Poets Society, and Mock Trial. View a full list and description of this year’s clubs.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government Association (SGA): The SGA is charged with working towards cultivating a community at Heschel that reflects our school's mission statement and is grounded in our school's values. Responsibilities include creating and implementing dynamic educational, social, and experiential programming for the Heschel community, serving as liaisons and voices for students to the administration, partnering with deans to focus on grade-specific programming and concerns.

Va'adat Hesed

Va'adat Hesed leads our communal commitment to Hesed (compassion) and Tzedek (justice) through advocacy, education, volunteerism, and tzedakah. Responsibilities include: identifying causes and projects, creating and implementing educational and experiential Hesed programming for the Heschel community, serving as a voice for students in matters of Hesed, and leading and participating in school-sponsored projects.

Va’adat Moadim

Va’adat Moadim is charged with infusing the school with a sense of Jewish community and peoplehood through celebration of the Jewish calendar. This means members of Va’adat Moadim are expected to create and implement educational, social and experiential programming for the Heschel community for holidays and Jewish commemorations, creatively express the spirit of each holiday or commemoration throughout the building, and serve as role models for the respectful, responsible and thoughtful culture that the school strives to create.