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Lower School Updates

Lower School Weekly Updates


Family heirlooms, new and old, were on display at the Grade 4 Heritage Fair, a student-created museum. The fair was a culmination of the students studies of their family's stories - past, present and future. The students shared stories about their artifacts with visitors, and guests were also treated to videos of the students' immigrant narratives as well as explanations of their name origins in Hebrew. During their heritage study, Grade 4 students learned to look closely at objects to find their stories. After students selected the family heirlooms they wanted to study, they interviewed family members to learn how the items were acquired. The artifacts were from all corners of the world and some dated back to the nineteenth century.

Grade 5 ventured out to Long Island to visit the Old Bethpage Restoration Village, a living history museum that provides visitors with the unique opportunity to step back in time and experience life during the 18th and 19th centuries. The village consists of 36 houses, barns, and buildings dating from 1660 through 1875.

In preparation for their upcoming unit on World Communities, Grade 3 visited Gulliver's Gate and took a "tour" around the world through an interactive world of "miniatures". The students were very excited to see parts of South America, Europe, North America as well as a variety of landmarks from around the world.

Students in Grade 2 are in the midst of their New York City studies. To enhance their presentation that highlights their research about a famous landmark, the children are building windows that will illuminate and be installed on their constructed buildings. The lesson, combining science, art, and cultural studies, challenges the students to use copper tape that will act as a conductor and create a circuit for an LED bulb.

Heschel's celebration of Poetry Month culminated this morning as the community commemorated Poem In Your Pocket Day, an opportunity for students and faculty to share an enthusiasm for poetry. As students entered the building this morning, they shared their favorite poems with their peers, faculty and administration.

Grade 2 students participated in a model seder on Tuesday morning. The children read from their own haggadot and performed songs related to the story of Pesach.

As Poetry Month rolls along, Random Acts of Poetry have become a natural occurrence at Heschel. Students have been visiting classrooms and offices around the campus, and surprising audiences by reciting a poem. Two students in grade 4 visited Head of School Ariela Dubler and Recited "I Wish in the City of Your Heart" by Robley Wilson.

"I Wish in the City of Your Heart"

I wish in the city of your heart

you would let me be the street

where you walk when you are most

yourself. I imagine the houses:

It has been raining, but the rain

is done and the children kept home

have begun opening their doors.

- Robley Wilson

The Story Pirates visited with 2-604 and helped the students understand what it takes to create a story. The students created a story based on an imaginary New York City landmark and the actors helped bring the story to life.

The Pirate Story company is an arts education and media company that takes stories written by children and brings them to life.

Students in 5-709 visited with Pre K students to read books about Passover and spend time with their younger peers.