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Lower School Updates

Lower School Weekly Updates


Heschel's first graders interviewed Shira Nadich Levin, Executive Committee Member, past Board President, and mother of Lower School teacher Gideon Levin (MS '96). During childhood, Shira was a close friend of Susannah Heschel, Rabbi Heschel's daughter. The students learned about his spirit of playfulness and his great love for his daughter Susannah, providing an intimate lens into his life as the beginning of their studies of our school's namesake.




Grade 2 students have been studying islands, volcanoes, and how forces of nature can cause both gradual and rapid changes to islands. The class focused on how underwater volcanoes, coral reefs and rising sea levels play a part in island formation. In order to observe and better understand how islands form, students designed and built volcanoes, and simulated the eruption process. Each group then presented their findings to their classmates.

Grade 5 volunteered at the Afya Foundation. The students sorted and packed medical supplies that will be shipped to underserved communities worldwide. Last week, Danielle Butin, Afya Founder, spoke to the children about the importance of their work and how they can help make a difference.