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Lower School Updates

Lower School Weekly Updates


Grade 1 students have been doing a lot of writing in preparation for their Publishing Parties. They visited with a Grade 3 class to get some inspiration and advice from their older peers and hear their Small Moments stories.


Third graders culminated their study of homes around the world with a home-building project.  As the designers, engineers and builders, students worked in groups to create model homes that would meet the needs of the inhabitants, given the raw materials and climate conditions of the building site location.  Much of the preparation for this project focused on the idea that where you live influences how you live. The students discovered that most houses have some elements in common, such as a door and a roof. However, they quickly realized how different homes can look in different parts of the world. 

Teaching artists from Symphony Space performed in front of Grade 3 classes. These artists discussed and performed the five elements of traditional Chinese opera: singing, talking, acting, fighting, and tumbling. During this interactive discussion, students had the opportunity to practice Chinese opera movements and mime while learning specific opera words in Mandarin.

In honor of Poetry Month, students in Grade 4 and 5 have been exploring the relationship between poetry and prayer. Some of our 5th graders studied a poem by Mary Oliver called "Some Questions You Might Ask." They talked about how questions relate to both prayer and to poetry, and then they wrote a own poem asking their own questions.