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Lower School Updates

Lower School Weekly Updates

Grade 2 Update 9.13.19

We are off to a wonderful start to the year in second grade! This week, we continued our A Moon for Moe and Mo text study, and thought about what makes Moe and Mo similar, and what makes them different. The children made observations about their appearances and how much they look alike! We hope you will join us next week at Back To School Night, when you will have an opportunity to see your children’s work related to our Lower School Read. We have also begun our Singapore math curriculum. Throughout the week, we played fun math games to review our addition facts until 20 and played other games involving number searches to 100, and games with dice. 

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Grade 1 Update 9.13.19

It has been an exciting first full week of first grade! We’re getting lots of practice with routines, including eating in the dining hall and going to the many specials, such as science and technology lab.  We are getting to know more about each other during our morning meetings as we are greeting one another and sharing what makes us unique, such as our favorite hobbies and foods.

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Grade 4 Update 9.6.19

Between getting to know each other, introducing and practicing classroom routines, and reviewing the Lower School Core Values, can you believe that we were able to fit in so much more? Spoiler alert- we were! 

Each class read A Moon for Moe and Mo and related the story to our core values. In addition, we used the book to think about questions we would ask a new friend or statements that we would share about ourselves. Some of our thoughts are on the seventh floor bulletin board- check it out! 

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Grade 3 Update 9.6.19

In order to make our journey this year as productive, positive and enlightening as possible we spent a lot of time this week creating classroom communities in which the children feel comfortable and supported. This week we have been getting to know each other, building a foundation of trust and solidifying our understanding of Heschel’s core values: respect, responsibility, safety and community.

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