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Lower School Updates

Lower School Weekly Updates



The Lower School Math Specialists launched Wonder World Math, a new initiative that works hand in hand with the differentiated  curriculum in the Lower School and provides additional learning experiences for applying math concepts. Wonder World Math engages students in discussion and activities that highlight where and how we use math in our day-to-day lives. 

Grade 5 students had lunch and some read the week's parasha with senior citizens from Project Ezra. These monthly visits provide meaningful opportunities for both our students, as well as the elderly individuals from Project Ezra.


The Lower School Physical Education Department led a brief physical activity with the lower school during arrival each morning this week. The Sally Up Challenge dared our brave Lower School students and teachers to hold their bodies in high and low plank positions for 3 minutes.

Here's how it worked: The main lyrics to the song Flower by Moby repeat "Sally up, Sally Down". Upon hearing Sally UP, students positioned themselves into a high hand plank. Upon hearing Sally DOWN, students positioned themselves into a low forearm plank, all the while never allowing their stomachs and knees to touch the ground. While this may seem easy at first, over time each participant felt the burn! 

It is the Physical Education Department's belief that in presenting fun and developmentally appropriate fitness challenges to students, their inclination to stay active and take an interest in their own health and well-being will grow exponentially.

Grade 3 students celebrated their Humash Ceremonies, marking the beginning of the children's journey into Torah study as they ponder the power of journeys, biblical and personal, through the language of the parasha.





Grade 1 had their first taste of working with different tools in the Science Lab. The students were split into groups and rotated through different stations where they worked with different tools that scientists use to conduct experiments.