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Lower School End of Year Assembly Celebrates Tzedaka and Tradition of Moving Up

The Roanna Shorofsky Theater was filled with joy, excitement and the anticipation of summer.

The Lower School final assembly program was a celebration of the Heschel Lower School Birthday Tzedaka program, a rousing musical performance by each grade, and finally, the “passing of the flags” symbolizing each grade moving up.

Your children may have shared with you that over the course of the school year they were invited to Sharon’s office to celebrate their birthdays. They talked about plans for their upcoming birthdays or how they recently celebrated. They excitedly discovered which other Lower School children share a common birthday.  Each child received a dollar and had a chance to choose to donate theirs to one of three charities - West Side Campaign Against Hunger, AFYA, or Camp Simcha - and then some shared the reason for their choice. It was suggested that this can be the beginning of a tradition that will follow them through life, pairing their birthday celebration of themselves (highly important!) with a habit of giving to others .

The assembly began with the children learning more about the impact of each charity from a staff member, a current Middle School Student and other fellow Lower School students. The children also celebrated their hesed activities throughout the year and watched a video with footage of themselves in action. A larger than life sized check was displayed representing the total collected for each tzedaka.

Following the check presentation each grade sang a song representative of their grade, culminating in a representative of each grade “passing the flags” as they moved up.


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