Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.

The Alan B. Slifka Middle School helps children make the transition from elementary to high school and from pre-adolescence to adolescence. Recognizing that Middle School students must learn to balance being part of a larger group with their own individuality and the desire for nurturing with the excitement of independence, Heschel creates a setting that supports their growing autonomy while providing the structure necessary to make their school experience meaningful and productive. Their interest in socializing finds outlets in community activities; their need to reflect, criticize, and debate is met through school publications and forums as well as in the classroom; their desire to achieve and perform is realized through sports, musical performances, and theatrical productions.

Middle School students build on their basic skills to acquire information that gives them a solid foundation across the disciplines. The program teaches higher-level research and thinking skills which allow students to select, research, analyze, and interpret topics presented in the classroom.

Along with intellectual growth, the Alan B. Slifka Middle School program emphasizes the students' social, emotional, moral, aesthetic, and spiritual development. A student government allows students to engage the school’s administration and staff in dialogue about how to enhance the quality of life of the school. Students engage in community service projects, and an activities program offers diverse choices ranging from crafts to a student-run newspaper. In addition, students participate in a Human Growth and Development program coordinated by the school psychologist. Meeting in small groups with a faculty member several times each week, students discuss their lives and the life of the community.