Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.

Bruchim ha’baim—welcome to the Alan B. Slifka Middle School! Our Middle School program is designed around the unique developmental stage of early adolescence. In both general studies and limudei qodesh (Judaic Studies) students explore sophisticated concepts and practice abstract reasoning skills—exploring challenging texts, writing creative stories and persuasive essays, and participating in scientific and mathematical inquiry.

Our Middle School Program is rich in the arts. While developing competence in a variety of media, students have an opportunity to create beautiful artwork that captures the expressiveness that is a hallmark of their age. Our music program is designed to foster musicianship while enabling students to work as a team, listening to each other as they play or sing ensemble music.

Our Middle School is a warm and caring community where acts of hesed (kindness) and respect are the norm, and where we relish the opportunity to celebrate together through tefillah and through Hebrew song and dance.

This website captures some of what makes The Alan B. Slifka Middle School experience enriching and educational. I invite you to visit us and to explore our school. You will certainly notice the dedication of our teachers, the friendly atmosphere of our classrooms and hallways, and the magnificent and impressive work adorning our bulletin boards. Most of all, you will be captivated by the positive spirit and inquisitiveness of our wonderful students!

Lori Skopp,
Alan B. Slifka Middle School Head