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Middle School Moments

Grade 8 Explores Virology and Immunology in the Science Lab

As part of the Grade 8's study of virology and immunology, students participated in a lab which simulated the spread of a virus through a population and helped them understand the challenges of disease tracking. Each student selected a clear liquid sample made up of either water (virus-free) or an alkaline (virus) solution representing their microbes and bodily fluids. The students did not know which sample was infectious. The students shared their sample with two peers, then added Indicator to their own solutions. The "infected" samples turned pink from the indicator. The students then collectively worked as epidemiologists to analyze the class data and track the spread of the virus in order to identify patient zero.

Grade 7 Art Students Study the Figure

In Grade 7 Art, students have been studying the human figure. This past week, they learned that if they split the body into 15 parts, they could create the figure in any position. In the first lesson, students took turns modeling, while the rest of the class sketched their pose in 15 parts. In the second lesson, students cut out the different parts and arranged them in a pose. Then, they created an imaginative environment for the figure based on the pose their figure was in.