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Middle School Moments

Grade 6 Students Explore Pop Art Through Wayne Thiebaud

Grade 6 Shemesh art students have been learning about Wayne Thiebaud, an American artist known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects - such as pies, ice cream cones, and pastries. After exploring Thiebaud and his work, the students used clay to create their own dessert sculptures.

Grade 6 Designs a City

Grade 6 Humanities began their "Design a City" activity to open their year-long investigation of civilizations and societies. By designing a city, the students will explore what communities need to thrive, and how power is distributed among people.

Grade 7 Students Study Tefillin

Grade 7 Toshba teaches the students the importance and details about Tefillin, including their significance and symbolism, how they are made and what verses they hold, and the practicalities of how to put them on and what blessings to say.