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Middle School Moments

Grade 6 Explores Ancient Egypt at the Met

Grade 6 visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art to further their learning about Ancient Egypt. The students have been focusing on how the Nile River allowed the Egyptian civilization to flourish.

Grade 7 Welcomes Hindu Teacher to Social Studies Class

As part of their Social Studies curriculum, Grade 7 welcomed a Hindu teacher and yoga practitioner. The class allowed the students to further their learning about Hinduism and gave more insight into how the religion is connected to yoga. Each class also had the opportunity to put their learning into action but flowing through various yoga poses and practices.

Grade 6 Explores Big Bones!

Grade 6's final lab in the Skeleton unit, the Big Bones lab, gives students the opportunity to see all the concepts they've studied up to this point come together, i literally, in the flesh. Students get to explore a cow’s foreleg and a segment of its upper spine, pointing out bones and other bone-adjacent tissues. The Big Bones lab is one of the most memorable labs for middle schoolers, which they gleefully (or sometimes queasily) reminisce about for the rest of their middle school careers!

Grade 8 Has a Gr-8 Day!

As part of Grade 8's Gr-8 Day of community programming , the students spent time with their first grade buddies. The two grades did kabbalat shabbat together, explored the qualities of the changing seasons, and took part in TWO different hesed projects!

Grade 7 Makes Maps

Grade 7 students created 3-D topographical maps of Europe, Asia, and northern Africa. The maps included short descriptions of the most significant geographic features and important natural resource in the regions.