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Middle School Moments

K and Grade 7 Buddies Meet Again

Using found materials, Kindergarten and Grade 7 buddies worked together to create decorations for the Heschel sukkah.

Dr. Joshua Bennett Returns to Heschel to Read to Middle School

In celebration of Poetry Month and part of the Edy Rauch Memorial Artist in Residence program, poet, professor, and performer, Dr. Joshua Bennett returned to Heschel to read several of his works to the Middle School community. After the reading, Dr. Bennett took questions from the audience about his life, his work, life's milestones, and more. Middle School students took part in a writing workshop with Dr. Bennett where they explored self expression through poetry.

Grade 8 Explores Catalyst Reactions

Grade 8 explored how catalysts expedite chemical reactions by providing alternate reaction pathways with lower activation energy than an uncatalyzed reaction.

Grade 1 and 8 Buddies Meet Again

Grade 1 and Grade 8 buddies took time to catch up, play games, take part in winter related activities, and do Kabbalat Shabbat together.

Grade 6 Hosts Intergenerational Film Festival

Grade 6 held the Intergenerational Film Festival "Torah Or Midor L'dor", passing the light of our stories from generation to generation. Each grade 6 student interviewed and filmed a member of their family. The films ranged from favorite stories from Jewish tradition, inspiring mitzvahs, or acts of hesed that someone in their life performed. Students were joined by their families and special guests to watch these films on the big screen.

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