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Middle School Moments

Grade 7 Visits Virtual Museum To Study Silk Road

To begin their studies of the Silk Road, Grade 7 Social Studies classes visited a virtual museum to learn about the technological and cultural innovations of the Chinese Han Dynasty. Using SpatialChat, an interactive tool, the students were able to move through a virtual room, interacting with different exhibits and discussing them with their peers.

Grade 6 Meets Over Zoom to Bake Mug Cakes

It is safe to say that Grade 6 knows how to have fun, even if it is remote day. Teachers and students used their Town Hall time to meet as a group and then in breakout rooms to learn how to bake mug cakes. Each student chose a recipe and used their time together to bake, talk, and enjoy their delicious cakes.

Seth Siegel Speaks to Grade 8 to Complete Interdisciplinary Unit on Water

Grade 8 students have been studying an interdisciplinary unit on water. They learned about the water cycle, water systems, unique properties properties of water, and water technology. Currently the students are completing a capstone project on the Global Water Crisis. To culminate the unit, Seth Siegel, water activist, New York Times bestselling author, and Heschel Honorary Trustee, visited eight grade science. He provided an overview of water quality and scarcity issues facing our world today, discussed what it means to be water conscious and why water is important to our community, and offered solutions to the water crisis, highlighting Israel as a model.

Inspired by Ashrei

Inspired by the Ashrei prayer, Grade 6 students created acrostic poems that encourage positive morals and values.

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