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Middle School Moments

Grade 6 Builds Community Through Yom Sababa

This week, Grade 6 took part in their first Yom Sababa (Awesome Day) of the year, a day filled with fun and games and community building. Activities included drum-circle Tefillah, dancing on the roof, constructing colorful paper worlds of kindness, writing interactive fiction stories, coming up with original Yom Sababa cheers, a pizza lunch, and engaging in friendly athletic competition. 

Grade 7 Explores Respiratory System

Grade 7 is in the middle of a Health Science mini-course. The students are learning about different systems in the human body and just finished a unit on the respiratory system where they learned about how breathing structures work and how smoking, vaping, and the urban environment contribute to lung health. The class created model lungs to visualize and understand how the inner workings of the respiratory system function and operate.

Gallery: GR8 Week

Grade 8's week began with their Moving Up Ceremony and ended with an overnight on the Heschel roof. The GR8 Week was an excellent way to finish off the pandemic year.  The resilience and positive attitude of the students made all of the preparation and hard work worthwhile.

Grade 7 Meets With Bedouin Students

Grade 7 Hebrew groups met with students from the Desert Stars School, a Bedouin high school in Israel. The meeting was part of the Hebrew curriculum addressing the different populations in Israel.