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Middle School Moments

Grade 8 Moves Up!

Read Middle School Head Lori Skopp's message to Grade 8 and see photos from the ceremony.

Grades 6 and 7 Go On Overnights!

On their overnight trip to Pennsylvania, the 6th graders visited an Amish farm and learned about their unique lifestyle. They visited one of the oldest pretzel bakeries in America and even got to try out their skills making pretzels! The students did a scavenger hunt around Historical Philadelphia and visited the Liberty Bell. They also enjoyed some art in the Magic Gardens and experienced some virtual reality and immersive exhibits in Wonderspaces.

Grade 7 students spent two nights on their trip through upstate New York that included outdoor adventures, some friendly competition, and a visit to the state New York State Capitol.

Grade 6 Creates a "Makot Museum"

Grade 6 students have been working on a Ten "Makot” (plagues) research project. They studied the stories of the plagues, read the Hebrew text and the Midrashim (commentaries), and explored how science and historical interpretations have explained the 10 plagues. Based on this learning, the students presented their creative expressions of each plague in the annual Makot Museum.