Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.

Middle School Moments

Students, teachers, parents and administration gathered for a commemorative ceremony to recognize the journey that students in Grade 8 will be taking to Israel. The moving program featured remarks from students and administration, musical performances, and Lower School students handing over their own notes and prayers that will be delivered to the kotel (Western Wall).

Grade 8 students had the opportunity to hear from Jeanne Newman, coordinator for Midnight Run, and Rebecca Lindenbaum, Heschel parent and longtime Midnight Run volunteer. Midnight Run is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping the homeless. This not-for-profit organization coordinates over 1,000 relief missions per year, in which volunteers from churches, synagogues, schools and other civic groups distribute food, clothing, blankets and personal care items to the homeless poor on the streets of New York City.

After the engaging presentation, students helped put together packages for distribution.

A group of Grade 8 students visited the Children's Village, a Bronx-based nonprofit that provides services such as education, after-school care, housing, and immigration services to children and families in need. The students learned about Romare Bearden, an artist known for emphasizing diversity, unity, and cooperation in his work. The highlight of the afternoon was working together to create a mural based on "The Block", a collage by Bearden. The students depicted shared features of our New York City neighborhoods. The mural was hung at the Children's Village serving as a tribute to the meaningful and collaborative experience between the two schools. 


Just in time for Passover, Grade 6 students have been working on a Ten "Makot” (plagues) research project. They studied the stories of the plagues, read the Hebrew text and the Midrashim (commentaries), and explored how science and historical interpretations have explained the 10 plagues. Based on this learning, the students presented their creative expressions of each plague in the annual Makot Museum.

The Middle School held a Hoops for Hesed tournament with all funds raised going towards a refugee wish list for families who recently arrived in the United States. Students signed up as teams to compete, spectators contributed a nominal fee, and refreshments were sold to help make this fundraiser a huge success.