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Middle School Moments

Grade 8 Music Stomps and Bangs

Grade 8 Music students are working on a choreographed, Stomp like performance using "Bang" as a background song. Check out some behind the scenes practice.

Grade 8 Brings Baking to Shabbat Learning

In this week's Toshba (Talmud) Shabbat unit, Grade 8 students learned about two aspects of Shabbat: that Shabbat should be a spiritual day and try to emulate God, as well as a day to be grateful and not enslaved, which in turn is a day to enjoy. One particular ritual that they learned was that Jews are supposed to have challah at 3 meals. The students made challah that reflected the big ideas and specific rituals they learned and also their own personal connection to Shabbat.

Grade 8 Chemistry Students Study Elements and Compounds

Grade 8 students continued their study of elements and compounds this week. During class they observed that characteristic colors are produced when metal salts are heated. They were then able to apply this knowledge to explain the chemistry behind fireworks.

Grade 7 Art Begins Figure Study

Grade 7 students have begun their year long unit studying the figure. The class learned to break the body down to 15 parts to capture any pose. They then chose their figures size and pose to fit into the environment of different pages from various magazines.

Grade 7 Studies Eurasia

Over the past two weeks Grade 7 students worked in groups to build 3D topographical maps of different regions in Eurasia. This hands-on work allowed the students to become familiar with the geography of the largest continental area on Earth. Through this exploration, the students will develop a greater insight into the cultures, civilizations, and communities that they will study later this year, such as Ancient China, Rome, and Persia.