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Middle School Moments

Grade 8 Presents at Science Symposium

Grade 8 students presented the results of their long-term science research projects to an audience of parents and peers. Projects topics range from "How Does Smell Affect Taste," to "Plants Grown with Natural Sunlight and Artificial LED Lights." The presentations were excellent, inspiring, and professional.

Middle School Participates in a Limud (Learn)-a-thon

This week, the entire Middle School participated in a Limud (learn)a-thon as part of a Purim fundraise. Students and faculty engaged in texts exploring how each person is created b'tzelem Elohim (in God's image), and our responsibility to help others in need. We raised over $6000, which will be donated to IsraAID, an organization that supports people affected by humanitarian crises and specifically at this time is on the ground helping earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. This was a powerful experience for our students and meaningful start to our Purim festivities.

Elisha Wiesel Discusses "Night" with Grade 8

Grade 8 enjoyed a special presentation from Elisha Wiesel, Heschel parent and son of Elie Wiesel, the author of Night (which the 8th graders just finished reading). Elisha answered our students' questions, and was able to offer insights into his father's background, beliefs, life, and career. We are grateful to Elisha for taking the time to meet with our students.