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Middle School Moments

Grade 8 Creates Mini Monet Paintings

Grade 8 art students began studying Modern art history. The class learned about Impressionism, the movement that launched Modernism. The students looked at Impressionist work and noticed how everyday life was depicted using different methods of rendering light, weather, and atmosphere and also used visible brushstrokes, and painted in outdoor settings. Based on their observations, the students then made their own Mini Monets'!

Spotlight on Middle School Science

During the pandemic, Jasper Steenhuis's Grade 7 Science class—captured in this wonderful video—has made the most of going outdoors. Each in-school day, Jasper's class heads down to the Hudson River to use different scientific research methods to better understand the river. Jasper reports that one goal of Heschel's Science Program is for the students to "develop their capacity to think of themselves as scientists." The Hudson River lets them do just that. In addition to studying the river, the students are also taking part in the Billion Oyster Project, a city-wide initiative that is restoring oyster reefs to New York Harbor. The class observes the oysters, measures their growth, and uses their collected data to determine if their environment is allowing the oysters to thrive.

Grade 6 Explores Tim Burton

Grade 6 students have been learning about Tim Burton. They have been looking at his strange and unusual characters and learning about his distinctive, dark, and humorous style.

The students created their own strange and unusual characters as well as a “Tim Burtonized” self-portrait.

Grade 6 Builds Bricks During Experiential Tanach Project

Grade 6 is learning about the Israelites becoming slaves in Egypt and working hard, making bricks out of mud and straw. The students got their "hands dirty" trying to make bricks and structures out of chocolate, while speaking in Hebrew and learning the biblical text over Zoom.

Grade 6 Explores Wayne Thiebaud

Grade 6 art students studied Wayne Thiebaud, an American artist known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects - such as pies, ice cream cones, and pastries. After exploring Thiebaud and his work, the students created artwork based on their studies that depicted their own personal interests.

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