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Alumni News and Events

Heschel's class of 2009 gathered for their 10 year reunion. Old friends came together to revisit old memories, flip through their yearbooks, play a game of Heschel Kahoot, and shoot some hoops in the gym. Class of 2010, you're up next!

Alumni gathered for an evening of learning in the home of Dina Ufberg and Sam Goodman (HS '06). The night was led by Rabbi Amy Kalmanofsky, Dean of Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies at JTS, Associate Professor of Bible, and Heschel parent. Kalmanofsky discussed this week's parasha and provided different ways of understanding Joseph's relationship with Jacob, as well as his brothers, and gave room for multiple readings to all those attending.

The High School's morning Mabat program welcomed Eve Goldberg, founder of BIGVISION and Heschel alumni parent. BIGVISION helps young adults struggling with addiction succeed in recovery and strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding living sober. The Hesed Council recently announced that BIGVISION would be this semester's cause. Hearing Eve's story about her son Isaac (z"l) and her path to creating BIGVISION reinforced the importance of an open dialogue about substance abuse and recovery. Thank you to BIGVISION NYC for the work that you do and sharing with us today.
Leora Einleger (HS '14) and some of her peers from Barnard College visited with Heschel Seniors today to discuss ways Title IX could impact them once they are living on a college campus. Leora and her classmates felt that students should know their rights before they enter college, so they began speaking to high school students around New York City, using their "Navigating the IX" materials. They presented various facts and information, discussed ways pop culture has an effect on our perception of Title IX issues, and broke into groups to answer more questions.
Heschel's class of 2008 gathered for their 10 year reunion. Old friends came together to revisit old memories, flip through their yearbooks, play a game of Heschel Kahoot, and stop by their old nook. Class of '09, you're up next!
Heschel Alumni gathered in Brooklyn at the McCarren Hotel to brainstorm new ideas about future alumni programming and events. It was a lovely evening filled with great conversation and energy. Thank you to all those who made an effort to attend!
Alumni returned to Heschel last night for the annual Summer Soiree. Graduates from a wide range of classes looked at yearbooks, shared old memories, caught up on recent milestones, and enjoyed a beautiful evening on the roof.

Parents, faculty, alumni, and alumni parents came together for the Heschel Parents' Association annual Challah Bake. The hands-on class was taught by current Heschel parent Katja Goldman and alumni parents Rachel Ringler, and Patty Udell.

The Class of 2018 had the privilege of hearing from Max Melamed (HS '16), Daniella Nevid (HS '15), Hayley Berson (HS '15), Aaron Brandeis (HS '16), and Jack Levy (HS '16) at Heschel's annual Life in College Panel. January 5, 2018. The alumni answered questions about transitions into college and anti-semitism on campus. They spoke about the challenges they face in their current schools and how Heschel prepared them for their college experiences.

Gabriella Kula (HS '06), museum educator for The Jewish Museum, has been visiting Heschel's 2nd grade art classes to teach students about the wonder of textiles. This workshop is correlated to the current exhibition at the Jewish Museum which showcases over 100 articles of clothing from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries and illuminates the story of how diverse global cultures have thrived, interacted, and inspired each other for centuries.

Heschel's Homecoming Basketball game was an overwhelming success. The Heat decidedly won the game, with a final score of 86-48. The gym was filled with hundreds of members of the Heschel family - students from each division, over 50 alumni, parents, faculty, and administration. Go Heat!