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Alumni Spotlight: Adin Lenchner (HS '08)

Adin Lenchner (HS '08) is a Campaign Manager at Locust Street Group, a small Washington D.C. based public affairs consulting firm. Adin remembers that from an early age, The Heschel School "taught that it was not sufficient just to be, just to learn, just to live our lives -- we had to commit ourselves to helping those around us and to making the world a better place. That important lesson drew me to working on electoral campaigns and engaging in politics." Adin works with clients to help craft genuine, grassroots organizational efforts around public policy issues that are important to the firm and its clients.

After graduating from Wheaton College in 2012, Adin moved to Denver to work on President Obama's re-election campaign and since has worked on congressional and statewide campaigns in New Hampshire, New York, Iowa, and Utah.

In January of 2015, Adin had the opportunity to move to Tel Aviv with OneVoice as a Field Advisor to support V15, an effort to engage and mobilize center-left voters to vote in the March elections. He says that "it definitely pushed the bounds of my Heschel-learned Hebrew! How would I know all the technical terms I would need to say? 'Cumulative report' or 'canvassing', never mind walking our data team through our voter targeting..."

Adin credits so much of his path to what he learned at Heschel. "Heschel was so much about finding as much value in the process of learning as in the substance of the learning itself...I found the deep commitment to the process of learning to be really meaningful. It pushed me to attend a liberal arts college and continues to keep me thinking creatively about ways to engage voters, support my clients, and how to creatively tackle both professional and personal challenges."