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Alumni Spotlight: Reuben Dreiblatt (HS '14)

Since graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in creative writing, Reuben Dreiblatt (HS '14) has been working as a production assistant on an upcoming documentary titled "Hidden Heritage: A Jewish Awakening in Krakow."

This documentary, by renowned filmmaker, Slavomir Grunberg (Karski and the Lords of Humanity), describes the Jewish revival in Krakow, Poland that has been going on over the past 30 years. It is a character-driven piece that will tell the stories of the youth in Krakow, rediscovering their roots and finding ways to embrace and incorporate Judaism into their lives. Production on the film has begun and Reuben had the opportunity to attend the 29th Annual Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow this past June, recording audio and video of preliminary interviews and concerts.

Reuben credits some of his interest in this project to his time at Heschel. "By being exposed to creative opportunities like working on the purim spiel and launching a newspaper column, Heschel enabled me to believe in myself. Working on this documentary has been a tremendous chance to learn hands-on cinematography from a seasoned professional and provide an understanding of the cultural awakening happening in Krakow. The multi-faceted learning methods at Heschel shaped my thinking of how I wanted to spend my professional life and where I could make the most impact."

Reuben is also taking an active lead in working to raise funds through the help of grant foundations and private donations

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