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Dear Heschel Community, 

Shana Tova!  In this most unusual new year, I hope that you and your family have enjoyed the start of school and the chagim.  Personally, I have never witnessed my children more excited to get out of bed and go to school than I have over the last few weeks.  

Notwithstanding the storm around us, Heschel has been our anchor.  As you will appreciate in the video above, against the backdrop of the global pandemic, and through the remarkable and selfless effort of our faculty, staff and administration, Heschel continues to provide a world-class Jewish and general studies education, committed to pluralism and true to our mission, from Nursery to High School.  I hope you will take a few minutes to watch our video and get a small taste of daily life in our Heschel classrooms.

In most years, our net tuition covers only approximately 87% of our operating costs, and we rely on fundraising from the Heschel community, grants, and endowment distributions to cover the balance.  As you will see in the charts displayed here, last year, though atypical, followed the general model. 

This year, however, given the complexities of running a school during COVID-19, our costs will be significantly higher than usual, including increased costs for the following: additional educational and nursing staff; health and safety equipment and materials; educational and health-related technology; and financial aid.  At the same time, while we enjoy near-full enrollment, the number of students (and, therefore, tuition revenue) is down.  And so the future remains uncertain, particularly with respect to the enduring financial impact of the pandemic on our community.

But Heschel is still Heschel.  Our school has demonstrated the agility and ingenuity to serve our children even now, in this time of chaos.  

Our teachers’ expertise and resourcefulness and our students’ resilience and optimism continue to shine.  We are providing powerful learning opportunities in our live and remote classrooms. 

We know this is a difficult time.  We know the pandemic has challenged families in many different ways.  Not everyone will be able to give this year.  If you are able to give, please know that your gift, at any level, will have a tremendous impact.  

Please make a gift to Heschel’s Annual Fund this year.   We remain sincerely grateful to all donors who have supported us in the past and who will invest in Heschel once again this year.  Thank you for your generosity and commitment. 

Wishing you the very best for a healthy and safe year,

Cory Wishengrad
Heschel Campaign Chair

2019-2020 Financial Summary

Income = $50.6M

Expenses = $50.4M


Learning at Heschel This Year

Learning Together

Learning Safely

To keep our students, faculty, and staff safe and healthy, Heschel has invested in technologies to monitor and assess individual and communal health as well as to enable students to learn well in person and remotely.  Our building is well ventilated and conducive to recommended distancing and hygiene protocols, and we are adequately staffed to keep our students learning in stimulating and safe environments.


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Thank You to Our 2019-2020 Donors

Penny Liebman Aaron
    and Mark Aaron
Charlotte Abramson
Renna Ades
Toni and Joel Adler
Shayna Danialian and 
    Jonathan Aghravi (MS ‘98)
AJHS Sunshine Fund
Michal Ardit Alon and
   Mishel Alon
Hila and Ron Alon
Janet Alperstein
Sara and Jerry Alperstein
Jennifer Altman
Bonnie and Matthew Altman
Sara and Howard Altschul
Maya Amir
Leeora Kidron and Ron 
Lauren and Steven Ancona
Congregation Ansche Chesed
Deborah Anstandig
Mia Appelbaum (HS ‘11)
Sydney Appelbaum (HS ‘09)
Barbara and Allen Applbaum
Abigail and Ben Archibald
Katherine and Samuel 
Rebecca Rosenthal and
    Adam Arenson
Michelle and Maurice Arlos
Susannah Heschel and
    Jacob Aronson
Goldie Satt-Arrow and
   Eric Arrow
Michal and Lee Atzil
Michelle and Jonathan 
Susan Zappone and
    Mitchell Bacharach
Lorna and Mark Baker
Jessica Balaban
Susan Kardos and
    Guy Baracassa
Stavit and Nir Barak
Deborah Rabina and
    Ulie Bardosh
Laurie and Hagai Barlev
Tiffany Herlands and
    Ronny Barnea
Keren and Guy Baron
Natalie and Brett Barth
Aviva and Daniel Bauer
Matthew Beer (MS ‘96)
Lynn Snyder and
    Maurice Beer
Alexis Offen and Aaron Beim
Diana and Peter Beinart
Tal and Eran Ben-Shushan
Stephanie and Moshe
Michelle Lebowits and
    Michael Bender
Michele and Allan Bengelsdorf
Marni and Avi Benichou
Vanessa Kroll Bennett and
    Roger Bennett
Michal and Eytan Benyamin
Amber and Zachary Berger
Sharon and Eddie Bergman
Vered and Marc Berley
Lori Zeltser and
    Leonard Berman
Janet Scharf and
    Nathan Berman
Rachel Stone and
    Robert Bernstein
Roni Rubenstein and
    Barry Berson
Lisa Bialkin
Sara Gubins and
    Michael Bijaoui
Leon Bijou
Karen Schernwetter and
    Michael Binday
Bonnie and Edward Blanco
Naomi Bloch-Schartz
Robin Blum
Esther Zipris and
    Ira Blumberg
Ruth and Robi Blumenstein
Elana Sinensky Blumenthal
    and Adam
    Blumenthal (MS ‘94)
Ruth Fagen and Jeffrey
Amy and Scott Bolton
Elana and Aryeh Bourkoff
Shira and Michael Boxer
Jana and Jack Braha
Sharon Schneier and
    Clifford Brandeis
Laura and Larry Brandspiegel
Deborah and Martin Braun
Malaika Amon and
    Anthony Bregman
Sylvie and Leon Bressler
Vanessa Bressler
Gloria Goldman and
    Rabbi Stanley Bronfeld
Meryl and Benjamin Brown
Bena Medjuck-Bruckner
    and Gustavo Bruckner
Carol and David Buchdahl
Angela and Jacob Buchdahl
Marina Gafanovich
    and Arkady Bukh
Limor and Avner Bukspan
Sharon and Steven Bunkin
Adena Abramson
    and Stephen Burdman
Eileen and Larry Butler
Corinne and Oren Cahlon
Jeffrey Cahn
Anne Ebersman
    and Dan Caligor
Lara Caligor (HS ‘19)
Tajlei Levis and
    Jonathan Canter
Jocelyn Druyan and
    Otto Carbajal
Miriam and Robert Caslow
Rachel and Andrew Ceresney
Ilona and Ben Charkow
Deborah Skakel and
    Joel Chernov
Michele Kofman and
    Mark Chessler
Odelia and Ehud Chorin
Jessica Levin and
    Jack Chorowsky
Ulrika and Joel Citron
Tobias Citron (HS ‘11)
Mandi Lew and John Coburn
Susan and David Cohen
Jared Cohen (HS ‘09)
Lisa Cohen and
    Bernard Smith
Dana and Michael Cohen
Michelle and Michael Cohen
Naomi and Michael Cohen
Sheryl Green and
    Rodney Cohen
Amanda and Roger Cohen
Talia and Seth Cohen
Efrat Yellin and David
Bobbi and Barry Coller
Olivia Illouz Conetta and
    Jake Conetta
Lindsay and Brian Cooper
Debbie and Elliot Cosgrove
Gwendolyn and Barrie Covit
Mitchell Daar
Jennifer and Reuben Daniels
Jean Danis
Joshua Danziger
Nava and Avraham Dayan
Dorothy and Howard Denburg
Elizabeth and David Deninzon
Karin and Saul Diamond
Alisa and Daniel Doctoroff
Jacob Doctoroff (HS ‘06)
Dirk Donath
Tatiana and Sony Douer
Nancy Sinkoff and
    Gary Dreiblatt
Ronit and Ofer Druker
David Dweck (HS ‘16)
Keren and Ziv Ehrenfeld
Richard Ehrlich
Ruth and William Ehrlich
Shelley and Steven Einhorn
Margaret and Oren Eisner
Diane and Sion Elalouf
Brianna and Eliyahu Elefant
Susan and Stuart Ellman
Penina Grossberg and
    Matt Epstein
Sara Shudofsky and
    Robert Ernst
Elena and Robin Eshaghpour
Heidi and Eyal Eskenazi
Elisa Fadlun
Roni Richter and
    Daniel Faiwiszewski
Karen and Eyal Farage
Mandy Greenfield and
    Matt Fassler
Michelle and Jeffrey Feig
Dahlia Lithwick and
    Aaron Fein
Danielle and Joshua Feinberg
Allison and David Feit
Danielle Spiegel-Feld
    and Jonathan Feld
Susie and Steve Feldman
Janna Kaminsky and
    Isaac Feldman
Millie and Alan Fell
Benjamin Fenster (HS ‘11)
Diana and Seth Fersko
Chaya and Simcha Feuerman
Dana and Adam Fine
Lisa Lippman Finkelstein
    and Ben Finkelstein
Kim Leslie Shafer and
    Isaac Finkle
Daniel Fischer (HS ‘13)
Rachel Mesch and Eric Fisher
Saul Fisher
Jeannie and Scott Fisher
Mindy Seidlin and
    David Fishman
Marianna and Yoel Flohr

Michelle Foxman
Jennifer Fraenkel
Sarah Friedman and
    James Fraiman
Laura and Aaron Frank
Cora Freedman
Jill and Andrew Frey
Karen and Zev Fried
Nancy Kahn and
    Manny Friedman
Suzanne Katz and
    Richard Friedman
Hannah Laytner (HS ‘11)
    and Jacob Frommer
Navah Perlman and
    Robert Frost
Beth and Mike Fruchtman
Michelle and Alon Frumer 
Cheryl Frydman
Ariela Dubler and
    Jesse Furman
Jacqueline and Doniel Furst
Jacob Garmaise
Caroline Tell and
    Evan Gasman
Samuel Gatan (HS ‘11)
Zachary Gaylis (HS ‘11)
Judith Turner and
    David Gedzelman
Susie Kessler and
    Peter Geffen
Carol Gelber
Lisa Gelber
Allyson Rothberg and
    Boaz Gelbord
Donna and Todd Germain
Valerie and Mark Gerstein
Carole Balin and
   Michael Gertzman
Lisa Gersten and
   David Gerwin
Efrat (MS ‘98) and
    Ruvym Gilman
Emily and Nathan Gindi
Girls Scott Troop 3772
Jennifer and Roy Girtz
Nili Gitig
Dina Wizmur and
    Theodore Gleser
Ayal Glezer
Jocelyn and Avitai Gold
Anne and Charles Gold
Laura Gold
Claudia and Yefim Golden
Adi and Yair Goldfinger
Daniela Fechheimer Goldin
    and Daniel Goldin
Deborah Goldman
Jennifer and Harvey Goldman
Patty and Seth Goldman
Marjorie Miller and
    Sheldon Goldman
Matthew Goldstein (‘16)
Marlene Noveck and
    Steven Goldstein
Michelle and Elan Goldwyn
Merle Woldenberg Gonchar
    and Eric Gonchar
Gabrielle and Raanan 
Hope Schlossberg and
    David Goodman
Nina Goodman
Dina Ufberg and
     Samuel Goodman (HS '06)
Sharon Bukspan (HS ‘06)
     and Miles Gordon
Rachel Simons and
    Chris Green
Gloria Green
Sara Arrow (HS ‘06)
    and Daniel Greenberg
Minda Arrow (MS ‘96) and
    Ely Greenberg
Jessica Gribetz
Hillary Grippaldi
Anna and Etai Gross
Mindi Wernick and
    Malkie Grozalsky
Jodi Mones and Ken Gruen
Ria Gruss
Eleanor and Samuel Gubins
Linda Moses and
    Arthur Gurevitch
Estee Dezer-Gurwitz and
    Mark Gurwitz
Abigail Besdin and
    Julian Gutman
Jessica Moss and
    Micah Gutman
Laura and Brian Guttman
Sharon Haberman-Perry
Limor and Nissan Hakimian
Sharon Kessler and
   Warren Hammerschlag
Moriah and Aaron Hara
Judith and Robert Hara
Shula and Alon Harnoy
Jodi Posner and Allan Harrari
Sara and Scott Harris
Ann and Steve Harris
Eleanor and Peter
   Harrison Bregman
Laurent Hasson
Vivian and Sam Hedaya
Stacy and Jason Helfstein
Brynn Rosen and Abe Hendin
Miriam and Alan Herman
Goldie and Joshua Hertz
Raquel Smith Herz
   and Steven Herz
Myra and Stu Herz
Diane and David Hess
Michelle Messer and
    Jonas Heymann
Marina and Brian Hirsch
Pamela Hirsch
Virginia Bayer and Robert Hirt
Sandra and Howard Hoffen
Allison Hoffman
Janet Andron Hoffman
Bethamie Horowitz and
    Barry Holtz
Leslie and Moshe Horn
Elana Elster and Jordan
Rochelle Tarlowe and
    Seth Jonas
Andrea Fastenberg and
   Marcel Kahan
David Kahane (MS ‘97)
Ida and Eric Kalimian
Amy and Jeremy Kalmanofsky
Karen and Brett Kaplan
Barbara and Frank Kardos
Randi Urban and
    Yakov Karpishpan
Robin Cowan and
    Glenn Kashan
Nicole Duval and Elai Katz
Stephanie and Gideon Katz
Hillary Katz
Loren Edelson and
   Jeremy Katz
Ruth and Steven Katz
Vicki Messler and
   Avram Kaufman
Anita Tierney and
   Haim Kaufman
Jan Caryl Kaufman
Lori and David Kaufthal
Linda and Ilan Kaufthal
Joia and Joshua Kazam
Amber and Tal Keinan
Jennifer and David Kellman
Beth and Jonathan Kern
Charlene Khaghan
Maxwell Khaghan (HS ‘11)
Joy and Benno Kimmelman
Barbara Braffman
    and Benjamin Klapper
Robin and Brad Klatt
Amanda and Jonathan Klatt
April Stewart Klausner
    and Paul Klausner
Bali and Stuart Klawans
Sophie Klein (HS ‘12)
Rachel and Mark Klein
Rosalie and Harry Kleinhaus
Anat Weinstein and
    Ruben Kliksberg
Lauren and Ethan Klingsberg
Lisa Litt and Michael Knopf
Laurie Lax and Eric Kober
Rachel Zuckerman and
    Alfred Kohan
Cathy Kadets and
    Warren Kornfeld
Jacob Kose (HS ‘08)
Miriam and Jonathan Kose
Stacey and Kevin Kotler
Deborah and Arnold Kramer
Jesse Kramer (HS ‘13)
Deborah Krohn
Lynn and Jules Kroll
Jill and Darren Kronenberg
Talia Kula (HS ‘10)
Aaron Ladds (HS ‘11)
Melissa and Craig Lader
Debra Kaplan and
    Michael Laikin
Natasha and Kevin Lalezarian
Bess and Leor Landa
Suzanne and Barry Langman
Dotan Rozenberg
    and Jonathan Laor
Victoria and Laurent Laor
Kate and Paul Lashin
Rachelle Gribetz and
    Alan Laytner
Arlene Lazinsk
Caroline and Andrew Lebwohl
Jill and Martin Lebwohl
Luciana Pajecki Lederman
    and Alon Lederman
Tal Kastner and Ivan Lehon
Naomi and Martin Leib
Lisa Sandell and Liel Leibovitz
Aviva and Ethan Leibowitz
Jennifer and David Leinwand

Wesley and Evan LePatner
Nancy and Dov Lerea
Kellie and Jeff Lerner
Dalia and Joseph Lerner
Hope and Melanie Levav
Shira Nadich Levin
    and James Levin
Laurie Blitzer and Sam Levine
Jennifer Stone-Levine
    and Mark Levine
Abraham Dweck and
    Robert Levine
Rachelle Levitin (HS ‘19)
Tracey and Evan Levy
Danielle and Claude Levy
Rachel Ain and David Levy
Daniella Kahane and
    David Levy
Lillian and Gabriel Levy
Jill and Matthew Levy
Elizabeth and
    Jonathan Lewinsohn
Andi and Dini Lewittes
Michele Licht

Rebecca and
    Bennett Lindenbaum
Ruth Lindenbaum
Melba Kurman and
    Hod Lipson
Elana Rosenberg and
    Greg Litt
Karel Littman
Joanna Stern and
    Jeremy Loewenberger
Lauren and Jonathan Lonner
Augusto Lori
Galia Antebi and Amit Louzon
Mollie Mandel and
    Joshua Lowy
Yana and Joshua Lukeman
Faye and Joel Lupkin
Zina and Feliks Lyakhovetsky
Rachel Ufberg and
    Joshua Lynn
Jenny and Greg Lyss
Sharon Shorofsky Mack
    and Alex Mack
David Mack
Anne-Maureen Sarfati
    and Daniel Magill
Dafna Bareket and
    Yochai Maital
Caryn and Lawrence Malitzky
Maggie Talisman and
    Moshe Mallul
Lisa and Stefan Malter
Jennifer Bonelli and
    Esther Mandelbaum
Lauren and Robert Mank
Aliza and Benjamin Mann
Skye Gabel and Jeffrey Mann
Rebecca Mannis
Hila Rev Manton and
    Jeffrey Manton
Kara and Daniel Margolis
Betsy and Jonathan Margolis
Renatt Brodsky and
    Jeffrey Margolies
Rebecca Fischer and
    Murray Markowitz
Sara Marrache
Dahlia Kronish and
    Joshua Maudlin
Jessica Glickman Mauk
    and Andrew Mauk
Alana Serota and
    David Mayman
Rita and Steven Meed
Jacob Meier (MS ‘01)
Shoshana Quint and
    Jonathan Melmed
Lisa and Avner Mendelson
Sammy Mernick (HS ‘10)
Holly and Samuel Merrin
Linda Messing
Irina Meyer
Stephanie Luxenberg
    and Daniel Migden
Beth and Benjamin Miles
Lisa and Yaron Minsky-Primus
Mission Measurement
Ellyn and Larry Mittman
Andrew Moger
Esther Gushner and
    Earl Morgenstern
Anne and Josh Morris
Bev Shnaps-Morris and
    Marc Morris
Beth Katzoff and Trevor
Rachel Moser (MS ‘98)
Sharon and Didier Moskal
Paula Moss
Yael Slonim and Jack
Carolyn Cohen and Reuben
Wendy and David Nanasi
Melissa Rutman (MS ‘03) and
    Daniel Nathan (MS ‘04)
Rebecca Chaplan and
    David Nathan
Yael Levy and Joshua
Justin Nelson
Aleeza and Dmitry Nemirof
Rina and Michael Nessim
Leah and Zamir Nestelbaum
Judy Wolf-Nevid and
    Jeffrey Nevid
Lynn and Daniel Nevins
Hope and Joshua Newman
Samantha Newman Donath
Diane and Nima Nili
Martin Nussbaum
Barbara Berger and Eli Ofek
Laura and Louis Offen
Agi Legutko and Michal
Dana and Ethan Orlinsky
Vered and Gal Oron
Chava and Craig Ortner
Karen and Shlomo Oz
Maxwell Padway (HS ‘13)
Ronnit and Adam Palley
Daniella and Adam Pally
Erica and David Panush
Ellis Paull (HS ‘19)
Barbara and Richard Pearl
Milie and Michael Pellet
Robin and Jeff Persky
Shevi and Tom Peters
Vilma Gabbay and Tsvi Pick
Sara Shapiro-Plevan and
    Bill Plevan
Bettina and Kenneth Plevan
Ayala and John Podhoretz
Joyce and Leonard Pollack
Elyse and Cary Pollock
Sharry and David Pollock
William Pollock (HS ‘15)
Tamar and Harry Poloner
Andrea Neimann and
    Stewart Pomerantz
Leslie Popkin
Karen Spiegel and
    David Poppers
Abigail and Marc Posner
Terry Ann Krulwich and
    Paul Posner
Stephen Prince
Alison and David Proshan
Lynne Rosenthal and
    Steven Raber
Simone and Brian Rabin
Pamela and Jeff Rabin
Miri and Daniel Radomski
Jennifer and David Rak
Assaf Ram
Michelle Katz and 
     Jeff Rappaport
Lisa Wolfe and Joe Ravitch
Emily and Gil Raviv
Denise and Eric Rayvid
Micol Bezner and
    Eran Reisfeld
Barbara and Guy Reiss
Harlan Reiss (HS ‘17)
Mandy and Shaya Reiter
Hadas and Amir Richulsky
Jill and Jonathan Ritter
Ilana Sidorsky (HS ‘08)
    and Joseph Robbins
Joy and Bruce Roberts
Jude Roberts
Nicole Duclos and
    Alan Roemer
Rachel and Arnon Rosan
Lisa and Daniel Rose
Lori and Doug Roseman
Sara Turken and
    Bradley Rosen
Hali Weiss and Jay Rosen
Priva Simon and
    Nathan Rosen
Nancy Benowitz-Rosenberg
    and Daniel Rosenberg
Margery Rosenberg
Erika and Yuval Rosenberg
Cheryl and Bevan
Ruth Jarmul and Irving A.
Joyce Zinbarg Rosenthal and      Steven Rosenthal
Sarah Chopp and Mayer
Ilana Rabinowitz and
    Carl Rubin
Marcy and Larry Rubin
Stefanie and Jonathan Ruch
Alisa and Elliot Ruda
Emily and Michael Rudich
Robin Bernstein and
    John Ruskay
Stephen Rutman (MS ‘06)
Shereen Gertel Rutman
    and Howard Rutman
Deanna Sadykov
Shari and Jacob Safra
Anna-Claire and
    Marc Salama-Caro
Leslie Dezer Salmon
    and Ricardo Salmon
Josh Flug and Josie Sandler
Sara and Daniel Sapadin

Linda Holof-Saposh and
    Stuart Saposh
Arielle and Yoni Saposh
Sabrina Silverberg and
    Tom Sarig
Jayne and Sidney Sayovitz
Ilana Schack (MS ‘04)
Linda Schapiro
Naomi Kalish and
    Robert Scheinberg
Naomi Schimmel (MS ‘97)
Marlene Stulbach and
    Nathan Schleifer
Maya and Avner Schlessinger
Daniella Schlisser
Alexander Schloss
Michelle Bornstein and
    Daniel Schneider

Bianca Benoliel and
    Steven Schoenfeld
Michelle Ores and
    Charles Schorin
Marc Schulder
Jessica Schwab
Alissa Manocherian Schwartz
    and Gideon Schwartz
Alyssa and Barry Schwartz
Emma Schwartz (HS ‘17)
Ester and Fernando Schwartz
Oriyan and Jonathan
Melissa and Marc Schwartz
Glenda and Raymond
Valerie and Ted Schweitzer
Stephanie Sebag
Jennifer Segal
Jacob Segal (HS ‘17)
Lisa Barro and Yuval Segal
Rachel Seidman (HS ‘12)
Bonnie and Ehud Sela
Amy and Dan Seltzer
Campbell Brown and
    Dan Senor
Natalia Sapir and
    David Sepiachvili
Evette and Kenneth Serota
Yona and Steven Serota
Cathy and Eli Serran
Caryn Koster and
    Yegal Shamash
Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok, z”l
Sagit and Sason Shans
Adrianne and Avi Shapira
Dorit Landau and Jacob Shapira
Deborah and Steven Shapiro
Moran and Negev
   Shekel Nosatzki
Mary Lapides Shela and
    Jason Shela
Diane Okrent and Aaron
Deena and Adam Shiff
Julie and Yizhar Shimoni
Ruby Gelman and
    Shimon Shkury
Roanna and Morris Shorofsky
Joshua Shoshan
Michelle and Gregg
Tal and Eyal Shuster
Seren and Michael Shvo
Saskia and Stephen Siderow
Liat and Paul Siegel
Rachel Ringler and
    Seth Siegel
Nicki and David Silberman
Joanna Usher Silver
    and David Silver
Maya Bernstein and
    Noam Silverman
Pamela Gross and
    Susan Silverstein
Rosanne and Jeffrey Singer
Lina and Gilles Sion
Laura Sirulnik
Susan Necheles and
    Joseph Skoler
Lori Skopp and Michael
Samantha and David Slarskey
Joyce Slochower
Daniel Small
Barbara Smith
Linda Yarden and Chris Smith
Pamela and Adam Sohn
Sarah and Jeremy Sokolic
Susan and Peter Solomon
Geula and Joshua Solomon
Lisa Morgenstern Solomon
    and Noah Solomon Chase
Adrian Sondheimer and Fern
    Flomenhaft Sondheimer
Katja Goldman and
    Michael Sonnenfeldt
Olta and Daniel Sorid
Caryn and Lee Spaet
Noam Spanier
Carolyn Spector
Jeremy Spiera (HS ‘17)
Zachary Spiera (HS ‘14)
Naomi and Robert Spira
Cindy and Gary Stadtmauer
Robin and Lawrence Statsky
Anna and
   Maksim (MS ‘95) Stavinsky
Sherry and Doron Steger
Daniella and David Steinberg
Amy and Neil Steiner
Deborah Shapira and
    Barry Stern
Lauri and Charles (MS ‘96)
Alexandra and David Stern
Jody and Ari Storch
Kenny Storch (HS ‘14)
Laurie Manheim and
    Renato Strauss
Dikla and Marc Strohl
Margo Weaker and
    Benjamin Suckewer
Daniel Suckewer (HS ‘09)
Marni and Douglas Sugerman
Cynthia Gormezano-Suissa
    and Meir Suissa
Craig Sumberg
Lori Sumberg
Ellen Summer
Deborah de Winter and
    Philip Sussman
Julie and Michael Swidler
Esther Safra Szajman and
    Claudio Szajman
Gidon Katz and Debra
Joshua-Marc Tanenbaum (HS ‘10)
Leora Tanenbaum
Lenore and Yossi Taplitzky
Michelle and Bruce Taragin
Barak Taub (HS ‘09)
Kimberly Rimer and Lewis
Avi Terry
Mari Blecher and Rick Tetzeli
Robin Hammerman-Tilem and
    Andrew Tilem
Faith Tomases
Jennifer Courtian and
    Stephen Troy
Margie and Murray Ufberg
Harley and Eli Ungar
Clarissa and Harry Uvegi
Kate and Ori Uziel
Abigail Treu and Pavel
Amy and Jeffrey Verschleiser
Debra and Adam Verstandig
Suzanne Vogel
Liz Neumark and Chaim
Adina and Philip Wagman
Sara and Ariel Walsh
Sulja and Fred Warnick
Sarah and Adam Wartski
Shira and Jason Wasserman
Rebecca Goldstein and Scott
Victor Weberman (HS ‘10)
Elissa and Dan Wechsler
Joyce and Michael Wechsler
Oshrat and Michael Weinstein
Dina and David Weinstein
Sarah Klagsburn and Eric
Ethel Bass and Barry
Michal and Elan Weinwurzel
Yael and Eli Weiss
Juliet and Matthew Weissman
Rebecca and Aaron Weitman
Vicki and Russell Wenger
Leora Klein and Emmanuel
Leonard Wexler
Alanna Jacobs and Benjamin
Gabriella Kula (HS ‘06) and
    Michael Wieder
Lynn Bartner-Wiesel and
    Elisha Wiesel
Yoni Wilkenfeld (HS ‘09)
Max Winograd (MS ‘04)
Joan D. and Barry N.
Beth and Don Winter
Alison and Cory Wishengrad
Shiri and Orin Wolf
Sara Timen and Seth
Leah Elalouf Wurzburger and
   Joshua Wurzburger
David Yitzhari (HS ‘11)
Ilana and Steven Yunis
Micaela Ezra and Miguel
Riki and Shay Zafran
Maya Eisen Zafrir and Nadav
Susan Rosen and Sol
Leah and Ira Zaretsky
Lori and Brett Zbar
Judy and David Zipkowitz

We gratefully acknowledge support received from UJA-Federation of New York

We gratefully acknowledge support received from the Fund for Jewish Education and the Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Life Monument Funds of UJA-Federation of New York

We gratefully acknowledge support received from

UJA-Federation of New York and the Rose Biller Day School Scholarship Fund


The Gottesman Fund
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The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
The Margaret and Daniel Loeb Foundation
The Petunia Foundation
The Paul E. Singer Foundation
Matching Corporations
Bank of America Foundation, Inc.
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Blue Mountain Capital Management
Ellington Management Group, LLC
Goldman Sachs & Co. 
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Pfizer Foundation
Tapestry Inc.

We are grateful to the families and individuals who have helped to establish special named funds for the School
Dorot Foundation Fund
Edith and Henry Everett Scholarship Fund
Lieberman Immigrant Scholarship Fund
Henry Lindenbaum Scholarship Fund
Lucius Littauer Foundation Fund
Raymond Heettner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rabbi Judah and Hadassah Nadich Scholarship Endowment Fund
Steve Polak High School Scholarship Fund
The Lewis Steinman Israel Scholarship Fund
Jonathan H. Spanbock Scholarship Fund
The Jerome L. Stern Endowment
Ronald C. Summer Fund
Sylvia Rose Wachsberger Scholarship Fund

Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Executive Committee
David J. Hess, President
Jacob W. Buchdahl, Vice President
Dan Senor, Vice President
Geula Solomon, Treasurer
Amy Kalmanofsky, Secretary

Alisa R. Doctoroff*
Shira Nadich Levin*
Sharon L. Schneier
Steven Shapiro*

Ariela R. Dubler, Head of School

Ben Archibald
Neri Bukspan
Emily Gindi
Samuel E. Goodman
Sara Harris, Parents’ Association Rep.
Adina Lewittes
Trevor W. Morrison
Maksim Stavinsky
Esther Safra Szajman
Cory Wishengrad
Lori Zbar

Honorary Trustees
Roanna Shorofsky, Head of School Emerita
Peter A. Geffen, Founder
Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok  z”l, Founding President
Virginia Bayer*
Joel Citron*
Ria Gruss
Susannah Heschel
Terry Ann Krulwich*
Rabbi Judah Nadich  z”l
Seth M. Siegel
Alan B. Slifka z”l
Ronald C. Summer* z”l
Barry N. Winograd*  

*Former President

Campaign Committee 2020-2021

Cory Wishengrad, Chair
Sam Archibald
Vanessa Bressler
Teddy Gleser
Scott Harris
Brett Kaplan
David Kaufthal
Sharon Kessler
Paul Lashin
Martin Lebwohl
Wesley LePatner
Stefan Malter
Avner Mendelson
Marc Morris
Anne Morris
Stefanie Ruch
Sara Sapadin
Neil Steiner
Dan Wechsler

Parents' Association Steering Committee 2020-2021

Dana Fine, Co-President
Sara Harris, Co-President
Penny Aaron
Hila Alon
Dafna Bareket
Mat Barnett
Diana Beinart
Michelle Bornstein
Gustavo Bruckner
Sharon Bunkin
Estee Dezer-Gurwitz
Jean Dubey
Nicole Duval
Jackie Furst
Ruby Gelman
Patty Goldman
Laura Gutman
Diane Hess
Cathy Kadets
Karen Kaplan
Joia Kazam
Sharon Kessler
Michele Kofman
Caryn Koster
Naomi Langer-Voss
Michelle Lebowits
Luciana Lederman
Betsy Margolis
Bena Medjuck-Bruckner
Anne Morris
Tova Ovadia
Joy Roberts
Lisa Rose
Rebecca Rosenthal
Anna-Claire Salama-Caro
Oriyan Schwartz
Stephanie Sebag
Lani Serota
Beverly Shnaps-Morris
Geula Solomon
Daniella Steger
Amy Steiner
Kate Uziel
Mindi Wernick
Alison Wishengrad
Dina Wizmur
Shiri Bialik Wolf
EY Zipris