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Heschel Students, Parents, and Teachers Talk About Community
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Heschel Students Talk About Learning


Dear Heschel Community,

I hope your school year is off to a great start. We are so excited that Heschel students and teachers are back in school with their characteristic high energy and engagement. Co-curricular clubs and activities are up and running, sports teams are competing, children are singing, and our community—having supported each other through the trials of the pandemic—is beginning to gather again.

Last year was an extraordinary year. Despite the challenges, our gifted faculty and staff focused on the development of the whole child, supporting each student’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth. Our courageous and resilient students participated with curiosity, creativity, and kindness. And our community not only stayed intact, but it also grew stronger. This is all a tribute to our extraordinary faculty, staff, and administrators; our Heschel families; and our generous donors. 

Because of the pandemic, our costs were significantly higher last year than in prior years. We invested in building safety and security, educational technology, health and hygiene, and personnel. This year also presents unique challenges, as the pandemic and its uncertainties continue. In addition, amidst these challenging times, our families’ financial aid needs have increased. 

Heschel’s Annual Campaign provides critical funds needed to continue to attract and retain the very best faculty and staff, to stay on the leading edge of academic and co-curricular programming, and to sustain our pluralistic and talented student body. 

This campaign year, we are focusing on participation. Your gift, no matter the size, will have an immediate impact and help build our community. Heschel’s theme this year is Olam Hesed Yibaneh, translated by our High School students as: “We (re)build our world through Hesed/kindness.” One thing that we learned last year is that every single person has a role to play in building and rebuilding our community, and your participation in this campaign matters.

Please join me and make your gift by clicking the “Support Heschel Today” button below. We are grateful to all individual donors—parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends—who have supported Heschel in the past and who will continue to do so this year. 

Many thanks for your kind consideration.

Stefanie Ruch
Campaign Committee Chair




Generous donations, income from our endowment, and government support helped offset the increased costs of keeping school open during the pandemic.

Board of Trustees 2021-2022

Executive Committee
David J. Hess, President
Jacob W. Buchdahl, Vice President
Dan Senor, Vice President
Geula Solomon, Treasurer
Amy Kalmanofsky, Secretary
Alisa R. Doctoroff*
Shira Nadich Levin*
Sharon L. Schneier
Steven Shapiro*

Ariela R. Dubler, Head of School

Ben Archibald
Neri Bukspan
Dana Fine, Parents' Association Representative
Emily Caslow Gindi
Samuel E. Goodman, Alumni Representative
Jonathan Lewinsohn
Adina Lewittes
David Mayman
Trevor W. Morrison
Maksim Stavinsky
Esther Safra Szajman 
Cory Wishengrad
Lori Zbar

Honorary Trustees
Roanna Shorofsky,
   Head of School Emerita
Peter A. Geffen, Founder
Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok  z”l,
   Founding President

Virginia Bayer*
Joel Citron*
Ria Gruss
Susannah Heschel
Terry Ann Krulwich*
Rabbi Judah Nadich  z”l
Seth M. Siegel
Alan B. Slifka z”l
Ronald C. Summer* z”l
Barry N. Winograd*  

*Former President

Campaign Committee 2021-2022
(In formation)

Stefanie Ruch, Chair
Sam Archibald
Vanessa Bressler
Scott Harris
Erika Henik
David Kaufthal
Sharon Kessler
Evan LePatner
Stefan Malter
Marc Morris
Anne Morris
Josie Sandler
Sara Sapadin
Neil Steiner
Lauri Stern
Dan Wechsler 
Cory Wishengrad
Seth Wolfman
Amichai Zeltzer


Parents' Association Steering Committee 2021-2022

Dana Fine, Co-President
Sara Harris, Co-President
Penny Aaron
Hila Alon
Michal Arditi-Alon
Mat Barnett
Diana Beinart
Michelle Bornstein
Shira Boxer
Gustavo Bruckner
Sharon Bunkin
Laura Doman
Nicole Duval
Elyse Efron
Brianna Elefant
Jeannie Fisher
Jackie Furst
Ruby Gelman
Emily Caslow Gindi
Patty Goldman
Laura Guttman
Amanda Herson
Diane Hess
Cathy Kadets
Sharon Kessler
Leora Klein
Caryn Koster
Naomi Langer-Voss
Michelle Lebowits
Luciana Lederman
Danielle Levy
Liel Liebovitz
Betsy Margolis
Bena Medjuck-Bruckner
Lisa Mendelson
Beth Miles
Anne Morris
Daniella Pally
Shoshana Quint
Lisa Rose
Rebecca Rosenthal
Stefanie Ruch
Alisa Ruda
Stephanie Sebag
Lani Serota
Beverly Shnaps-Morris
Rachel Simons
Geula Solomon
Lisa Solomon
Daniella Steger
Amy Steiner
Kate Uziel
Dina Wizmur
EY Zipris
Lital Zohar



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