You all know that Heschel did not have school today.  And I know that for many of you (especially those of you with younger children), a day without school presents a host of logistical difficulties, not to mention a loss of time for our students' classroom learning.  So I want to be sure that you understand why we did not have school today--or, at least, why we did not have school for our students.   Although school was "closed," today was an energizing day of learning for our faculty and staff.  

We are all students and learners.  Today, across our divisions, we studied topics ranging from nutrition to Zionism.  We held workshops about student assessment, classroom management, Responsive Classroom, and how productively to engage in difficult conversations.  Some of our teachers visited classrooms in other schools and returned to share and discuss their observations.  

Throughout the day, I felt so privileged to be a part of such an engaged and passionate community of learners.  I am grateful to the division heads and teachers who planned and executed today's programs.  And we all look forward our students' return tomorrow so that we can dig into the great work of bringing today's learning to life in our classrooms.   

With thanks for your support on days when our teachers get to be students,



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