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All students at Heschel are required to take 90 minutes of in-school Physical Education per week. A student may request an exception to this requirement based on one of the authorized qualification waivers noted below. Each individual student waiver request will be verified and approved on a case-by-case basis by the Heschel PE Director. A signed letter from the director/coach of the outside sports/fitness program, specifying days and hours of participation, may be required. Approved waivers: (1) apply only to the current school year and semester, and (2) require the student to participate in formal in-school fitness assessments three times per school year, at the beginning and end of each semester. Student athletes participating on school teams are automatically exempt from P.E. while in season, with the exception of those enrolled in dance or yoga. Student athletes enrolled in dance or yoga must continue to attend those classes throughout the sport season. All students who receive waivers from in-school P.E. classes are expected to use that time as a study hall, and are required to be in a classroom, the library or homework lab during their P.E. period.

*We do not grant waivers for personal training, private lessons or general health club memberships.

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Upon submission, Rick Munn will review your request. You will receive a notification informing you if your request has been approved or denied.