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A Heschel community-wide opportunity to give thanks.
We welcome students, parents, grandparents, alumni, past parents, friends, faculty, and staff to contribute expressions of gratitude.


ויבאו כּל־איש אשר־נשאו לבו וכל אשר נדבה רוחו אתו הביאו את־תרומת ה' למלאכת אהל מועד ולכל־עבדתו ולבגדי הקדש
"Everyone with an uplifted heart came and everyone whose spirit inspired generosity brought offerings for the work of the Tent of Meeting and for all its service and sacred vestments." - Exodus 35:21

Enjoy a deeper look into Heschel teaching, learning, and connecting during these past 3 months.

#StillHeschel #HeschelGratitude #HeschelAtHome


A video series providing a window into day-to-day life at Heschel through the eyes of the teachers.


Penny and Mark Aaron

Janet Alperstein

Bonnie and Matt Altman

Jennifer Altman

The Ancona Family

Ansche Chesed

Abigail and Ben Archibald

Kate and Sam Archibald

Rebecca Rosenthal and Adam Arenson

Michelle and Maurice Arlos

Eric and Goldie Arrow

Cleo Aukland

Jessica Balaban

Susan Kardos and Guy Baracassa

Yael (Heschel '27) & Yoni Baracassa (Heschel '30)

The Barlev Family

Tiffany Herlands and Ronny Barnea

Natalie and Brett Barth

Allan and Michele Bengelsdorf

Marni Benichou

Michal and Eytan Benyamin

Lisa Bialkin

Karen Schernwetter and Michael Binday

E.Y. Zipris and Ira Blumberg

The Boxer Family

Eileen (HS '10) and Teddy (HS '10) Braha

Jana and Jack Braha

Sharon Schneier and Clifford Brandeis

Dina Bray

Malaika Amon and Anthony Bregman

Angela and Jacob Buchdahl

Limi and Neri Bukspan and Family

Sharon and Steven Bunkin

Stephen Burdman and Adena Abramson

The Butler Family

Corinne and Oren Cahlon

Jeffrey Cahn

Jocelyn Druyan and Otto Carbajal

Miriam and Robert Caslow

Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney

Ben and Ilona Charkow

The Chessler Family

Ulrika and Joel Citron

Naomi and Mike Cohen

Michelle and Michael J. Cohen

Lindsay and Brian Cooper

Debbie and Elliot Cosgrove

Gwen and Barrie Covit

Dorothy and Howard Denburg

Alisa and Daniel Doctoroff

Tatiana and Sony Douer

Anne Ebersman (and Family)

Keren and Ziv Ehrenfeld

Shelley and Steven Einhorn

Margaret and Oren Eisner

Diane and Sion Elalouf

Ruth Fagen

Mandy Greenfield and Matt Fassler

Joshua and Danielle Feinberg

Danielle Spiegel-Feld and Jonathan Feld

Chaya and Simcha Feuerman

Dana and Adam Fine

Lisa Lippman Finkelstein and Ben Finkelstein

Kim Leslie Shafer and Isaac Finkle

Jeannie and Scott Fisher

Marianna and Yoel Flohr

Michelle Foxman

Laura Shaw Frank and Aaron Frank

Jill and Andrew Frey

Suzanne Katz and Richard Friedman

Ariela Dubler and Jesse Furman

Jackie and Donny Furst

Judith Turner and Rabbi David Gedzelman

Susie Kessler and Peter Geffen

Valerie, Mark, Mia and Liza Gerstein

Lisa Gersten and David Gerwin

Emily and Nathan Gindi

Teddy and Dina Gleser

Ayal Glezer

Evan Ashton Glick (HS '19)

Seth and Patty Goldman

Hannah Goldman

The Goldmans

Gabrielle and Raanan Gononsky

Dina Ufberg and Sam Goodman (HS '06)

Hope Schlossberg and David Goodman

Rachel Simons and Chris Green

Minda Arrow (MS ‘96) and Ely Greenberg

Sara Arrow (HS '06) and Daniel Greenberg

Anya and Etai Gross

Mindi Wernick and Malkie Grozalsky

Ria Gruss

Estee and Mark Gurwitz

Jodi Posner Harari and Allan Harari

Sara and Scott Harris

Hebrew Beginners Class

The Helfstein Family

Brynn Rosen and Abe Hendin

Goldie and Josh Hertz

Raquel Smith Herz and Steve Herz

Diane and David Hess

Ethan Hess (Heschel '24)

Marina and Brian Hirsch

Sandra and Howard Hoffen

Linda Holof-Saposh

Sarah Horvath (HS '21)

Ida and Eric Kalimian

The Kalmanofsky Family

Brett and Karen Kaplan

Barbara and Frank Kardos

Nicole Duval and Elai Katz

Tammer Katz family

Hillary Katz

Lori and David Kaufthal

Joia and Joshua Kazam

Amber and Tal Keinan

The Kellman Family

Anat Weinstein and Ruben Kliksberg

Lauren and Ethan Klingsberg

Rachel Zuckerman and Alfred Kohan

Stacey and Kevin Kotler

Amy and Daniel Kratka

Talia Kula

Melissa and Craig Lader

Natasha and Kevin Lalezarian

Dotan Rozenberg and Jonathan Laor

Alan and Rachelle Laytner

The Lebwohl Family

Luciana Pajecki Lederman and Alon Lederman

Tal Kastner and Ivan Lehon

Aviva and Ethan Leibowitz

Wesley and Evan LePatner

Dov Lerea

Dalia and Joseph Lerner

Melanie and Hope Levav

Shira Nadich Levin and James Levin

Abe Dweck and Robert Levine

Tracey and Evan Levy

Jill and Matthew Levy

Rachel Ain and David Levy

Elizabeth and Jonathan Lewinsohn

Dr. Michele Licht

Navah Luxenberg (HS '26) and Family

Rachel and Josh Lynn

Jenny and Greg Lyss

Sharon Shorofsky Mack and Alex Mack

Lisa and Stefan Malter

The Lowy/Mandel Family

Aliza and Benjamin Mann

Betsy, Jonathan, Ethan and Noah Margolis

Sara Lincoln Marrache

Dahlia Kronish & Josh Maudlin

Alana Serota and David Mayman

Melmed Family

Lisa and Avner Mendelson

The Minsky-Primus Family

Bev Shnaps-Morris and Marc Morris

Anne and Josh Morris

Beth Katzoff and Trevor Morrison

Moskal Family

Jack Nahmod and Yael Slonim

Carolyn Cohen and Ruby Namdar

Aleeza and Dmitry Nemirof

Judy Wolf-Nevid and Jeff Nevid

Sammy Newman

Diane and Nima Nili

Barbara Berger and Eli Ofek

Rachel and Joshua Opperer

Erica and David Panush

Robin and Jeffrey Persky

Joyce and Leonard Pollack

Karen and David Poppers

Simone and Brian Rabin

The Rak Family

The Rev Manton Family

Jill and Jonathan Ritter

Al Rivers

Jude Roberts

Leah Robinson

Rachel and Arnon Rosan

Rachel and Arnon Rosan

The Rose Family

Lori, Doug and Ariella Roseman

Hali Weiss and Jay Rosen

Sara Turken and Bradley Rosen

Erika, Yuval, Ella (K) and Sara Rosenberg

Sarah Chopp and Mayer Rosenzweig

The Ruda Family

Shari and Jacob Safra

The Salama-Caro Family

Leslie Dezer Salmon and Ricardo Salmon

Sara and Daniel Sapadin

Naomi Schimmel

Lori Skopp and Michael Schmidt

Alissa Manocherian Schwartz and Gideon Schwartz

The Schwartz Family

Valerie and Ted Schweitzer

Rachel Seidman (HS '12)

Bonnie Eshel and Ehud Sela

Ken and Evette Serota

Steven and Yona Serota

The Shamash Family

Shira Shanskhalil (HS '19)

Sagit and Sason Shanskhalil

Deborah and Steven Shapiro

Deena and Adam Shiff

Roanna and Morris Shorofsky

Tal and Eyal Shuster

Jake Shuster (MS '05)

Seren and Michael Shvo

Saskia and Stephen Siderow

Ilana Sidorsky

Rachel Ringler and Yossi Siegel

Joanna and David Silver

Maya Bernstein and Noam Silverman

Pamela Gross and Susan Silverstein

Susan Necheles and Joseph Skoler

Samantha and David Slarskey

Daniel Small

Linda Yarden and Chris Smith

The Sohn Family

Geula and Joshua Solomon

Noah and Lisa Solomon

Orit z"l and Noam Spanier

Anna and Maksim Stavinsky (MS '95)

Tal Steinberg

Amy and Neil Steiner

Deborah Shapira and Barry Stern

Dikla and Marc Strohl

Daniel Suckewer (HS '09)

Marni and Doug Sugerman

Lori and Craig Sumberg

Esther Safra Szajman and Claudio Szajman

Kimberly Rimer and Lewis Tepper

Faith Tomases

Jennifer Courtian and Stephen Troy

Harley and Eli Ungar

Kate and Ori Uziel

Amy and Jeffrey Verschleiser

Alexa von Mueffling

Adina and Phil Wagman

Sara and Ariel Walsh

The Wasserman Family

Rebecca Goldstein and Scott Waynebern

Dina and David Weinstein

Casey Weinstein (HS '19)

Chloe Weinstein (HS '17)

Ginger Weinstein (Heschel '24)

Yael and Eli Weiss

Jeremy and Sheila Weiss

Vicki and Russ Wenger

Yoni Wilkenfeld (HS '09)

Joan and Barry Winograd

Beth and Don Winter

Alison and Cory Wishengrad

Jerry Wishner

Sara Timen and Seth Wolfman

Leah and Joshua Wurzburger

Leah and Ira Zaretsky

Lori and Brett Zbar

Judy and David Zipkowitz