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The Heschel Holocaust Commemoration Committee, in addition to organizing the school’s annual Kristallnacht and Yom HaShoah programs, maintains an archive to preserve the memories of Heschel families who experienced the Shoah (Holocaust). We would like to include as many families as possible in our archive, which serves as both a memorial to those who perished and a testament to the Jewish continuity perpetuated by survivors, in addition to being a dynamic teaching tool. As a member of the Heschel community, we encourage you to utilize this resource and share photos, personal narratives, written or recorded testimonials and other information about your family’s experiences during the Shoah by contacting

Abraham Foxman
Father of Michelle Foxman
Grandfather of Gideon, Leila and Amirit Small
Abraham Zuckerman

Grandfather of Hillary Katz
Great-Grandfather of Alexandra and Harrison Reed

Adele Kofman

Grandmother of Jennifer Rak
Great-Grandmother of Noémie Adelia and Léa Paule Rak

Alex Beck

Father of Pearl Beck                                    Grandfather of Ariel, Jonah and Gabriel Fisher

Charlotte Neufeld

Mother of Amos Neufeld                                Grandmother of Ben and Maddie Neufeld

Colombe Papo
Grandmother of Aleeza Wadler Nemirof
Great-Grandmother of Sivan, Yona and Evie Nemirof
David Klapholz

Great Uncle To Adam Schneider
Great Great Uncle to Lily Jaktupat-Schneider

Esther and Saul Hirsh

Grandparents of Eric and Scott Fisher
Great-Grandparents of Abby, Sophie, Eliza, Elizabeth, Sam and Henry Fisher

Felix Urman

Father of Dorothy Denburg, Heschel Director of College Counseling

Fritzie Fritzshall

First cousin of Marvin Davis                              Cousin of Benjamin and Sabina Sternklar Davis

Georg Citrom

Father of Joel Citron
Great-Grandfather of Tobias, Maya and Clara Citron

Helen Senor

Mother of Dan Senor
Grandmother of Eli and Asher Senor

Hilda Halpern

Grandmother of Yael Simpson
Great-Grandmother of David and Max Simpson and Rose, Ivy and Samuel Halpern

Howard Pianko

Father of Daniel Pianko
Grandfather of Bella, Noah and Ethan Pianko

Isadore Goodman

Grandfather of Valerie Gerstein
Great-Grandfather of Mia and Liza Gerstein

Izak Elbaum

Father of Trudy Elbaum Gottesman
Grandfather of Ben and Sarah Gottesman

Josef Wolf Sussman

Great-Grandfather of Vered Sussman Berley
Great-Great-Grandfather of Hannah and Nava Berley

Maja Abramowitch

Grandmother of Lauri Stern
Great-grandmother of Adam, Ari and Maya Stern

Martin Fishbein

Grandfather of Jennifer (Fishbein) Rak
Great-Grandfather of Noémie Adelia and Léa Paule Rak

Martin Gasman

Martin Gasman
Grandfather of Evan Gasman
Great-Grandfather of Leo and Margot Gasman

Martin Rosenfeld

Grandfather of Jeannie Rosenfeld Fisher
Great-Grandfather of Sophie, Elizabeth and Henry Fisher

Maurice Zekaria

Maurice Zekaria
Grandfather of Sari Mizrahi
Great-Grandfather of Albert and Gabe Mizrahi

Max Lauenger

Grandfather of Barry Langman
Great-Grandfather of Elliott Langman

Mayer Wolf Racker

Father of Judy Wolf-Nevid
Grandfather of Michael Zev Nevid and Daniella Rose Nevid

Michelle Urman

Mother of Dorothy Denburg, Heschel Director of College Counseling

Millie Zuckerman

Millie Zuckerman
Grandmother of Hillary Katz
Great-Grandmother of Alexandra and Harrison Reed

Morton Katz

Father of Naomi Katz Cohen
Grandfather of Tabitha Cohen

Nesse Godin

Grandmother of Gabe Godin, Heschel Director of Communications


Paul David Cohen

Grandfather of David Rak
Great-Grandfather of Noémie Adelia and Léa Paule Rak

Rabbi Judah Nadich

Father of Shira Nadich Levin
Grandfather of Alexander, Gideon and Benjamin Levin

Ray Kaner

Mother of Charles Kaner                      Grandmother of Lizzie and Elliot Kaner

Rena Rosenbaum Gutstadt Fronenberg and Max Fronenberg

Grandmother of Alana Serota-Mayman
Great-Grandmother of Sloane and Tanys Mayman

Rose Singer as a Young Girl

Grandmother of Laura Guttman
Great-Grandmother of Jack & Lyla Guttman

Rose Lauenger

Grandmother of Barry Langman
Great-Grandmother of Elliot Langman

Sally Kaner

Mother of Etta Kaner
Grandmother of Ora Nitkin-Kaner and Yael Uness
Great-Grandmother of Benjamin and Lianna Uness

Sam Klapholz

Grandfather of Adam Schneider
Great-Grandfather of Lily Jaktupat- Schneider

Sophie (Sima) Fossaner

Sophie (Sima) Fossaner
Grandmother of Gwen Covit
Great-Grandmother of Charlie, Jamie, Bobbie & Lyla Covit

Simone Lisoprawski

Grandmother of David Rak
Great-Grandmother of Noémie Adelia and Léa Paule Rak

Simon Gerstel

Father of Linda Gerstel
Grandfather of Kayla, Sarah and Adin Joyce

Steven Hess

Father of David Hess
Grandfather of Jacob, Ethan and Margot Hess

Sylvia Rosenfeld

Grandmother of Jeannie Rosenfeld Fisher
Great-Grandmother of Sophie, Elizabeth and Henry Fisher


Wilhelm Braun

Father of Martin Zvi Braun
Grandfather of Sofie, Talia and Ella Braun