Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.

Avrum and Sala Kurtz
Grandparents of Cayle White Hasson
Great Grandparents of Felix, Amadeo and Ziggy
Elisabeth Citrom
Mother of Joel Citron
Grandmother of Tobias, Maya and Clara Citron
Colombe Papo
Grandmother of Aleeza Wadler Nemirof
Great Grandmother of Sivan, Yona and Evie Nemirof
Michelle Urman

Mother of Dorothy Denburg, Heschel Director of College Counseling

Maria Wizmur Kaslow

Grandmother to Dina Wizmur
Great Grandmother to Maya, Charlie and Joey Gleser

Howard Pianko

Father of Daniel Pianko
Grandfather to Bella, Noah and Ethan Pianko

Adele Kofman

Grandmother of Jennifer Rak
Great grandmother of Noémie and Léa Rak

Edith Mayer Michaely

Grandmother of Leora Klein
Great Grandmother of Margot, Boaz and Ari Werthenschlag

Simon Gerstel

Father of Linda Gerstel
Grandfather of Kayla, Sarah and Adin Joyce

Felix Urman

Father of Dorothy Denburg, Heschel Director of College Counseling

Abraham Foxman
Father of Michelle Foxman
Grandfather of Gideon, Leila and Amirit Small
Esther and Saul Hirsh

Grandparents of Eric and Scott Fisher
Great Grandparents of Abby, Sophie, Eliza, Elizabeth, Sam and Henry Fisher

Isadore Goodman

Grandfather of Valerie Gerstein
Great Grandfather of Mia and Liza Gerstein

Rena Rosenbaum

Grandmother of Alana Serota-Mayman
Great-grandmother of Sloane and Tanys Mayman

Martin Fishbein

Grandfather of Jennifer (Fishbein) Rak
Great grandfather of Noémie and Léa Rak

Terry Herskovits

Grandmother of Dina Wizmur
Great Grandmother of Maya Gleser, Charlie Gleser and Joey Gleser

Mayer Wolf Racker

Father of Judy Wolf-Nevid
Grandfather of Michael Zev Nevid and Daniella Rose Nevid

Martin Rosenfeld

Grandfather of Jeannie Rosenfeld Fisher
Great grandfather of Sophie, Elizabeth and Henry Fisher

Steven Hess

Father of David Hess
Grandfather of Jacob, Ethan and Margot Hess

Rabbi Judah Nadich

Father of Shira Nadich Levin
Grandfather of Alexander, Gideon Levin & Benjamin

Josef Wolf Sussman

Great Grandfather of Vered Sussman Berley
Great Great Grandfather of Hannah and Nava Berley

Sam Klapholz

Grandfather of Adam Schneider
Great Grandfather of Lily Jaktupat- Schneider

Sylvia Rosenfeld

Grandmother of Jeannie Rosenfeld Fisher
Great Grandmother of Sophie, Elizabeth, and Henry Fisher