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Sam Klapholz

Sam Klapolz, Born June 11th 1915 in Chrzanów, Poland. Sam was a prisoner of war in both the Auschwitz & Niederorschel slave labor camps. Great-Grandfather to Lily Jaktupat-Schneider. Sam was tattooed with A-17555 Felah Klapholz Of Jarocin Poland - Great-Great- Grandmother to Lily Jaktupat- Schneider. Fela was a Prisoner of Auschwitz, Salzwedel & Bergen Belsen Slave Labor Camp then relocated to Salzwedel where she was liberated.

Sam's brother, David Klapholz, Great-Uncle to Lily Jaktupat-Schneider was liberated from the Dachau Concentration Camp. In 1995 the State Of Israel produced a commemoration stamp using this same image.