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Grade 8 Presents at Science Symposium

Grade 8 students presented the results of their long-term science research projects to an audience of parents and peers. Projects topics range from "How Does Smell Affect Taste," to "Plants Grown with Natural Sunlight and Artificial LED Lights." The presentations were excellent, inspiring, and professional.

High School Meets About Judicial Reform in Israel

Heschel parent Tal Kastner and parent of alumni Elai Katz spoke to the High School community about judicial reform in Israel. Both Tal and Elai served as law clerks of the Supreme Court of Israel.

Pi Day Provides Many Possibilities of Pi 𝜋

Tuesday was an exciting 𝜋 (Pi) Day at Heschel High School. Fun 𝜋 facts were shown throughout the day on the TV in the atrium. Who would have guessed that 5 was the most common digit in the first 1 million decimal places of 𝜋? Hallway signs showed that 𝜋 is not just for circles as it is used in science and trigonometry.