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Alumni gathered for an evening of learning in the home of Dina Ufberg and Sam Goodman (HS ‘06). The night was led by Rabbi Amy Kalmanofsky, Dean of Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies at JTS, Associate Professor of Bible, and Heschel parent. Kalmanofsky discussed this week’s parasha and provided different ways of understanding Joseph’s relationship with Jacob, as well as his brothers, and gave room for multiple readings to all those attending.

The High School's Monday morning Mabat program welcomed Eve Goldberg, founder of BIGVISION and Heschel alumni parent. BIGVISION helps young adults struggling with addiction succeed in recovery and strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding living sober. The Hesed Council recently announced that BIGVISION would be this semester's cause. Hearing Eve's story about her son Isaac (z"l) and her path to creating BIGVISION reinforced the importance of an open dialogue about substance abuse and recovery. 

The Girls Varsity Basketball team played their hearts out against Frisch. The game did not end with a W, but the energy in the gym was incredible. Go Heat!

Lower School students got a taste of how math can be applied to Thanksgiving plans through the Wonder World Math program.

In what has become an annual tradition, the Jewish Museum has partnered with the Art Department to integrate museum workshops into Grade 2 lessons. Gabriella Kula (HS '06), museum educator for The Jewish Museum, has been visiting Grade 2 art classes to teach students how shape can act as metaphor and how artists have used triptychs over time to portray different sides to a story. The workshop is based on the children's visit to the museum to see the exhibit "Chagall, Lissitzky, Malevich: The Russian Avant-Garde in Vitebsk, 1918-1922."

The first episode of this year's season of the Heschel student podcast, Pod In Search Of Manis finally out! This episode covers a very special interview with Ruth Messinger, who spoke to the High School a few weeks ago.

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