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The High School blood drive was a huge success! Thank you so much to all of our donors, including those who tried to donate but could not. We are thrilled to share that 58 people donated whole blood and 6 people donated double red cell units on the ALYX machines for a total of 70 units!

Each whole blood unit will be separated into red cells, platelets, and plasma – so the 58 units our drive brought in times 3, plus the 12 red cell units from the ALYX donations will result in a total of 186 "doses" of lifesaving medicine which will go on to touch the lives of that many patients.

Thank you to everyone's support of this effort - to the Hesed Council for spearheading the drive, to teachers for their flexibility to allow students to donate, and to all our donors. A huge thank you to the New York Blood Center for making this possible - especially the amazing blood technicians who took such fantastic care of all our donors.

We are grateful to the New York Blood Center who shipped 20 units of Type O- blood to Florida this morning to help replenish supplies after yesterday's tragedy. Type O- is the universal blood type which is needed in an emergency – before patients can be typed and cross-matched.

Mark your calendars - those who donated whole blood can donate again on April 11, 2018!

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As part of their study of world communities, Grade 3 students have been thinking about how a home influences how one lives. Students have studied homes from around the world to learn how climate, natural resources and economic conditions have effected the traditional architecture, one example being houses in marshy areas are sometimes built on stilts. The lesson sequence culminated with the students building a house based on a given set of environmental conditions and natural resources. The classes were challenged to create a home that would meet the needs of its occupants. Students spent significant time planning their projects and collaborating with their partners to develop a design, procure materials, and build their homes.

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Grade 8 students are conducting independent investigations during their science research methods unit. Each group has selected a research project and has been collecting data over the past week. Some of their investigations include understanding the relationship between flammability of cleaning products and its ability to clean, the efficiency of amylase in our saliva, the differences and costs in alternative energy sources, the reliability of Newton's 2nd law, and how pH impacts the utility of bath bombs.

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