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Grade 2 Paints NYC and Jerusalem Murals

Grade 2 students painted their murals that will adorn their classrooms for their A Tale of Two Cities program that will showcase their year long learning about New York City and Jerusalem.

Heschel Celebrates Volunteers

Heschel parents gathered for the annual Volunteer Breakfast to celebrate the work that the many volunteers take part in to help sustain the community. Thank you to all of our volunteers on the following committees:

Alumni Engagement Committee, Annual Campaign Committee, Art And Design Committee, Audit Committee, Benefit Committee, Board of Trustees. Book Fair Committee, Brand Refresh Committee, Buddy Program, Challah Bake Committee, Class Parents, Committee On Trustees, Cookbook Committee, Development Committee, Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, Finance, Affordability, Tuition & Enrollment Committee, Food And Refreshments Committee, Hamantaschen Bake Committee, Heschel Notes, Heschelwear, Hesed Committee, Hesedpalooza Committee, Holocaust Commemoration Committee, How Heschel Prays, HS Advisory, Investment Committee, Mishloach Manot Committee, Musical Havdallah, Neighborhood Coordinator, Parent Ambassadors, Parent Liaisons, Parents’ Association Steering Committee, Parents’ Institute Committee, Parents’ Association Presidents’ Advisory, Purim Pandemonium, Security Committee, Sukkah Party, Volunteer Coordinators

Grade 6 Attends Reel Abilities Film Festival

Grade 6 saw Rally Caps, a film featured in the ReelAbilities Film Festival. The film is about a young baseball player whose dreams of pitching for a Little League travel team are derailed by a devastating injury on the field. At the end of the film, the 6th graders were able to participate in a Q&A with film festival founder and director Isaac Zablocki and the director of the movie Lee Cipolla. They had many insightful questions about the writing, casting, and filming process, as well as the experience of working with actors with disabilities.