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Author Susan Verde and Writer Elliot Kalan Visit Lower School Library

Susan Verde author of many books including Hey, Wall and I Am Yoga, met with the first and second graders. In preparation for her visit, the children read and discussed her books during their class visits to the library. In collaboration with the art and physical education departments, the children created a Community Welcome Mural inspired by the artwork in Hey, Wall and learned how to incorporate mindfulness and yoga into their day.

K and Grade 3 students welcomed writer Elliot Kalan to read his book Horse Meets Dog and talk about his journey to becoming a writer. Kalan offered some words of wisdom to the children about how they could become writers - hint: they already are - and had them on the floor laughing during his reading. Elliot Kalan is the head writer for Mystery Science Theater 3000 and a former head writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He is also a comic book writer and co-host of the podcast The Flop House.