Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.

Grade 4 Update 9.6.19

Between getting to know each other, introducing and practicing classroom routines, and reviewing the Lower School Core Values, can you believe that we were able to fit in so much more? Spoiler alert- we were! 

Each class read A Moon for Moe and Mo and related the story to our core values. In addition, we used the book to think about questions we would ask a new friend or statements that we would share about ourselves. Some of our thoughts are on the seventh floor bulletin board- check it out! 

During tefillah, the fourth graders impressed their teachers with such ruach (spirit)! All of the teachers commented on the sense of community that tefillah has already helped to create. The classes reviewed the core values in Hebrew and completed some “getting to know you” activities in Judaic Studies that served as a warm-up for the work they will do this year. Next week, they will study the Gematria (assigning a numerical value to Hebrew letters).

All three classes exercised their “math muscles,” preparing for the content to come with two introductory activities. They created equations to represent the numbers in their lives in “Figure Me Out,” and played a game called “Close to 20.” Students rolled dice and used their knowledge of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to build problems that had answers as close to 20 as possible, comparing strategies with a partner. We spent Thursday’s Humanities class completing an “interest inventory” that we will use to set some independent reading goals. Everyone is eager to explore their classroom libraries in the coming weeks. Please make sure that your child has an independent reading book in school each day. 

At your Shabbat table, you can: 

-“Figure out” your family- come up with and solve equations together with solutions explaining the street number you live on, number of pets you have, etc. 

-Play a round of “Close to 20” together- your child can surely explain! 

-Discuss your child’s interest inventory and the types of books that he/she would like to read this year. 

-Ask about the questions and statements that your child wrote for the bulletin board, and brainstorm some more together. 

-Review what your student learned about the Gematria last year to prepare for next week. 

We collectively welcome you to our fourth grade team and look forward to the excitement to come.