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High School Installation Draws Attention to Hostages

High School students created an installation in the atrium to bring attention to the hostages in Gaza and allow the community to pause and think about the lives that were drastically changed since October 7.


We hope as you all walked into the atrium this morning, as you do every Tuesday morning, took a moment to realize what is different:

that being the missing posters, demanding the return home of the hostages kept in Gaza, and the desk scene before you.

With help from the Art Department and Art Club, the Programming Council created an art installation that reflects our feelings of sadness and worry in regards to the current hostage situation.

The exhibition does not depict an ordinary desk, rather a scene from the everyday life of a student like yourself. It is as if the student has been ripped away from their life and from their learning - their chairs knocked over, the contents of their backpack spilled, and their Talmuds left unstudied. Because, the reality is, dozens of kids have had their lives ripped away these past few weeks.

We are so fortunate to be learning and living in the warm embrace of our school, but there are so many children whose lives have been permanently altered by the horrors of war, taken away from their homes and their beds, and cannot learn and grow.

May God bless them, keep them safe, and grant them peace. May they be returned home quickly and healthy.

So, please take a moment to stop and reflect.