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The mission of The Parents' Association ("PA") Hesed Committee is to strengthen community ties and fulfill the mitzvah of gemilut hasadim (kindness to those in need). This is done by acknowledging, on behalf of the parent body, lifecycle events (including births, adoptions, loss, weddings, and illness/surgery) of the Heschel community - families, teachers, administration, and staff.

Births/Adoptions: When a child is born or adopted in the community, the Hesed Committee offers to send a meal to the new parents and announces the birth in the Mazel Tov section of the Heschel News.

Loss: When an immediate family member passes away, the Hesed Committee gathers information about the funeral and shiva and sends an email to the community. The information is included in the weekly Heschel News as a condolence notice. The Hesed Committee also offers to send a meal to the shiva and keeps in contact with the family should other needs arise.

Weddings: In the event of a wedding of a community member, the Hesed Committee is delighted to send a gift to the new couple (The Heschel PA Cookbook).

Illness/Surgery: The Hesed Committee is also a resource if a family member falls ill or has surgery, whether the need is for a meal or to offer other support.

The Hesed Committee members rely on the Heschel community to send them information about lifecycle events on a timely basis. The members' emails are listed below and they are always reachable - throughout the academic year, school vacations, and during the summer. Assistance is offered with complete discretion and respect for privacy. In addition, Hesed contact information is available on the school website under "Contact Us."

Early Childhood Reps
Leah Rekhter

Lauri Stern

Lower School Reps

Alisa Ruda
917-597-5897 - 

Shari Taishoff
516-532-7497 -

Middle School Reps

Betsy Margolis
917-763-4522 -

Jackie Furst
917-743-7454 - 

High School Reps

Diane Hess
917-655-1417 -

Ida Kalimian
516-652-0979 -

Alumni Rep

Jeannie Fisher 
347-683-3337 -


The work of The PA Hesed Committee, on behalf of the Heschel parents, is made possible by the Hesed Fund, which relies on the proceeds from certain PA events as well as donations.

If you are interested in making a donation to the PA Hesed Fund to commemorate a lifecycle event, please send a check to The Heschel Parents' Association – Hesed Fund, 30 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023.