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When you give to the Annual Fund, our number one fundraising priority, you support all of the ways in which we strive to achieve Heschel’s mission, including supporting our exceptional faculty and staff and our talented student body. Your gift enables us to provide our students with a unique and exceptional education and to nurture our distinct and special pluralistic and socio-economically diverse community. 

Our Annual Campaign, Spring Benefit, Gifts “In Memory” and “In Honor” of, and Scholarship Fund, taken together, comprise our Annual Fund. You can make a gift to the Annual Fund at any time.

As parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, or friends, you understand the value of a Heschel education. We appreciate your partnership and all the ways in which you work with us to strengthen our school and our community.

Your gifts are fully tax-deductible.

Among the central goals of the Abraham Joshua Heschel School are the following:

  • Fostering a lifelong love of learning. The school seeks to develop the understanding that the discovery of personal meaning and the growth of individual identity can emerge from the rigors of study.

  • Creating an environment of intellectual challenge and academic excellence.

  • Creating an ethical learning community that inspires its students to become responsible, active, compassionate citizens, and leaders in the Jewish and world communities.

  • Cultivating the spiritual lives of its students and the nurturing of their commitment to Jewish values. The school helps students learn about and respect a range of Jewish practices and encourages them to embody these traditions in the way they live their lives; students learn the skills that enable them to participate fully in Jewish life.

  • Building of bridges between different sectors of the Jewish community, and between the Jewish community and other communities, as expressions of our religious imperative to unite human beings through justice, shared humanity, and mutual respect.

  • Fostering in its students a deep commitment to and a lifelong relationship with the State of Israel and its language, culture and people, in recognition of the centrality of the State of Israel to Jewish identity and to the Jewish people.

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