Opening Minds, Bridging Differences, Living Jewish Values.

“Human being is both being in the world and living in the world. Living involves responsible understanding of one's role in relation to all other beings.”
-Abraham Joshua Heschel

Heschel students learn to be engaged, concerned, and involved citizens. Through classroom and experiential learning, we teach connection to and responsibility for the future of life in America and our global community. New York City is an extension of our classrooms, offering our students boundless opportunities to engage with and contribute to the many communities that make up our city.

Task Force on Anti-Racism

Ariela and Rabbi Anne Ebersman wrote to the Heschel community, saying:  “with Rabbi Heschel's writing and life as inspiration, we are committed to taking a clear anti-racist stance in our curriculum and in our community, and to teaching about the imperative for all of us to take responsibility for systemic racism and injustice, as well as our own racial biases, as Rabbi Heschel demanded.

Heschel has formed both a Faculty Task Force on Anti-Racism, Curriculum, and Culture and an Alumni Anti-Racism Advisory Council which will work with members of the administrative team.

Solidarity March

Heschel stood together with thousands of other marchers at the Solidarity March to take a stand against anti-semitism and hate.

Civil Rights

In preparation for the Lower School Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly, Grade 5 students studied several topics related to the Civil Rights Movement and then created a video to report on what they learned.